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Friday, 24 May 2019

Cork County Council’s Community Enhancement Programme 2019 Opens for Applications

An allocation of €160,672 is available to Cork County Council’s Local Community Development Committees for 2019. The funding will support a broad range of projects aimed at enhancing facilities in disadvantaged communities. All funding will support small scale capital projects and 30% of the total available funding is set aside for projects of €1,000 or less.
Last year, The Community Enhancement programme delivered renovations of community centres and community amenities, improvements to common areas, the purchase of equipment, signage, and more throughout County Cork for a wide variety of community organisations.
Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr. Patrick Gerard Murphy spoke highly of the programme, noting “As a County, we have a broad range of goals including economic prosperity, health, safety, social cohesion and happiness. Every town and village faces its own challenges in achieving these goals. The Community Enhancement Programme empowers community groups and organisations to overcome these challenges and provide targeted improvements in their communities. Last year, communities in Cork were able to avail of over €600,000 for local improvements. I encourage all interested parties to apply, so that we can repeat the success of last year’s projects”.
In order to facilitate the boundary transition, the deadline for applications for both County Cork and Cork City has been set at 28th June. Groups applying from the boundary transition area should submit their applications to Cork City Council. Cork County Council customers can apply online at

National Bike Week 2019

National Bike Week 2019 (22nd - 30th June) – Club & Community Event Applications

National Bike Week is back for 2019 and Cork Sports Partnership is offering Clubs, Community Groups and Organisations the opportunity to get involved! National Bike Week, which is an initiative from the Department of Transport, Sport and Tourism to promote cycling throughout Ireland, will take place from 22nd - 30th of June 2019. Cork Bike Week plays an integral part of National Bike Week with 6,195 people taking part across 72 Cork events in 2018. In 2019, with your help, we hope to exceed this.

Cork City Council & Cork County Council have secured funding from the Department of Transport, Sport and Tourism to support a limited number of Club & Community cycling events during Bike Week 2019. Cork City & County Council are offering your Club or Community Organisation the opportunity to organise your own National Bike Week event to celebrate cycling within your community during the week-long celebration.

Funding available
Funding is limited for events in 2019. The following maximum amounts are available:
ü  €400 for Club & Community Events (This is subject to the amount of applications received)

Club/Community Organisation Event Criteria:
ü  The event MUST be FREE & take place during Bike Week (22nd - 30th June 2019)
ü  Family Fun Cycles (10k, 20k, 30k etc)
ü  Recreational/Leisure Cycles focusing on including non-club members, the lapsed cyclist, families, beginners etc
ü  Focus of inclusion, non-competitive, community focus, family, local school participation.
ü  Bike Maintenance, skills, drills and games

If you would like to take part in National Bike Week 2019 by organising your own cycling event and would like funding to support the event, please complete the attached application form and return to me by 5pm on Friday 7th June.

For more info see:   

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

4th Annual Conference "Living with Dementia in Rural Ireland"

Environment and Nature Fund 2019

Community Foundation for Ireland

Environment and Nature Fund 2019

The grants scheme has been devised to enhance biodiversity in communities throughout the country by combining the expertise of qualified ecologists with the skills, experience and enthusiasm of local community groups.


Opening Date for applications                      17 May 2019
Closing Date for applications                        28 June 2019
Grants will be made by                               End September 2019
Studies should be carried out                      Feb 2020 - Nov 2020
Progress Report due                                   Early December 2020
Community Biodiversity Plan due                March 2021             
Grantee Learning Event                              March 2021
This year, we have established a fund of €200,000 and are inviting community groups to apply for grant funding to engage an ecologist and develop a Community Biodiversity Plan (CBP) for their local area. Within the scheme, three levels of grant funding will be offered:

Strand 1: Grants of up to €5,000 for community groups to work with an ecologist to classify their local habitats, assess their condition and extent, map them, and define a suite of actions to enhance biodiversity
Strand 2: Grants of up to €7,500 for community groups who carry out the work outlined in Strand 1 in collaboration with one or two land managers/owners to classify habitats at landscape scale with a focus on field boundaries (hedgerows, treelines and stone walls), assess their condition and extent, map them and define a suite of actions to enhance biodiversity
Strand 3: Grants of up to €10,000 for community groups who carry out the work outlined in Strand 1 in collaboration with three to five land managers/owners to classify habitats at landscape scale with a focus on field boundaries (hedgerows, treelines and stone walls), assess their condition and extent, map them and define a suite of actions to enhance biodiversity

Grants will support community groups who wish to carry out ecological studies in their local areas with a view to developing a Community Biodiversity Plan. It is expected that studies will be carried out by qualified ecologists between February 2020 and November 2020, with final CBPs to be submitted by funded community groups to The Community Foundation for Ireland by March 2021.

Priority will be given to projects that focus heavily on engaging the wider community and demonstrate an intention and capacity to work closely with local landowners/ managers and with their chosen ecologist to produce a coherent, accessible and achievable Community Biodiversity Plan.

A resource pack will be provided to all successful applicants and will include a directory of ecologists who have been trained and briefed by The Community Foundation for Ireland in relation to the scheme, its proposed methodologies and its intended outcomes. These ecologists have agreed to a daily rate for their work of €330 exclusive of VAT and inclusive of travel and subsistence.

Groups may work with an ecologist whose name does not appear in the directory, provided they are suitably qualified and agree to the terms set out in the study criteria.


The ultimate aim of the funding scheme is that successful community groups will develop a Community Biodiversity Plan based on the expert recommendations arising from the ecological study of their area. Further to this, each ecologist will be expected to submit their collected data to the National Biodivserity Data Centre by the end of March 2021.

The Fund Will Not Cover:

Core or ongoing overhead costs of grantee organisations, Equipment costs, Promotion of religious causes, Work that has already taken place, Non-charitable activities, General political donations, Sponsorship or fundraising events, Work taking place outside the Republic of Ireland

Applicant Requirements:

Groups may apply for only one strand of funding
Applications must be from community and voluntary groups that possess charitable aims and are not for profit
Groups must demonstrate capacity and willingness to work with a qualified ecologist and, where possible, local landowners/ land managers
Applicant organisations should have an annual income of not more than €2,000,000
You must submit either your organisation’s Annual Accounts or most recent set of Audited Accounts
Applicant organisations must have an organisational bank account
A copy of a recent bank statement must be submitted with your application. This is for account verification only and all financial transactions may be redacted before submission
Proposals must include clear, detailed, realistic costs and timescales
Applicants must be prepared to evaluate and learn from their work as well as to share project learning and outcomes through the participation in a grantee learning event in March 2021
We encourage applicant organisations to consider adopting The Governance Code for charities       
A commitment to equal opportunities must be demonstrated
Organisations working with cohorts under the age of 18 will be required to produce a copy of their Child Protection Policy
Reporting Requirements:

Successful applicants will be expected to:

Acknowledge the support of The Community Foundation for Ireland on any materials associated with the grant
Submit an Progress Report in December 2020
Submit a copy of their Community Biodiversity Plan in March 2021
Participate in a grantee learning event in March 2021
Ensure that data collected from the ecological study is submitted to the National Biodiversity by March 2021
How to Apply:

Once you have ensured that you meet all of the grant criteria above, you can then make an online application by clicking on the link below.

Closing Date: 4.00pm on 28th  June 2019

NOTE: Your application will be acknowledged. If you do not receive an acknowledgement e-mail, please contact us at or on 01 874 7354.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Defy Dementia: "100 Days to a Younger Brain"

Why attend this Brain Health Talk?
Do you want to reduce your risk of developing dementia, maximise your memory & learn how simple lifestyle changes can boost your brain in 100 days

Dementia is one of the most prevalent chronic illnesses in the world, with an estimated 77,000 sufferers in Ireland, affecting up to 8% of people aged over 60 and costing the state €2bn p.a.

Professor Sabina Brennan

Inspirational Speaker, Psychologist, Neuroscientist and Best-Selling Author Professor Sabina Brennan (PhD., C.Psychol.,PsSI.) is bringing her not-to-be-missed brain health talk to Clonakilty's Inchydoney Hotel on Tues. May 28th.

Sabina translates complicated neuroscience into a simple-to follow 100 day programme that will improve our memories, defy dementia and look after our most precious organ: our brains.’

Recently listed as one of Ireland’s Women of the Year 2018 for impact in her field, Dr Sabina Brennan is a research psychologist, an Assistant Professor at ADAPT, Trinity College Dublin, and an excellent science communicator. Her scientific research at the Institute of Neuroscience has focused on understanding dementia risk and protective factors to establish how decline in cognitive function might be prevented or delayed.

Invest in your brain health. Come along to hear this serious subject being discussed by the passionate, entertaining and multi award-winning Professor Sabina. Learn how simple lifestyle changes can boost your brain health & reduce your risk of developing dementia

Signed copies of No. 1 New Best-selling book 
Signed copies of her new No. 1 best-selling book '100 days to a YOUNGER BRAIN' will also be on sale on the night.

This advisory community health initiative is brought to you as a fundraiser by Darrara Muintir na Tire Community Centre, Clonakilty, and follows their hugely successful sell-out talk with Prof. Sabina at Darrara Community Centre in 2016.

Book early:
Please note that capacity is limited and we are expecting a number of large groups, so early booking is advised to ensure you get your seat.

Ticket info:
You can pre-book online, via the organising committee or pay at the door on the night.
Online booking link:
Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa Hotel:
Contact us:
M: 086 375 3986

Saturday, 18 May 2019

We must plan for an older population

We have to realise that people are living much longer  and that the majority of children born in the developed world will live to be 100.

Older people represent a rapidly increasing % of the population. In the last census in 2016 Cork County had - 54,116 people over 65  which represented 13% of total population of the county.
It is expected that the world 65+ population will double in size from 11% today to 22% by 2050 and that will mean that for the first time in world history there will be more 65+ than under 5. 

These were some of the figures given by Cork County Older Peoples  Council  (OPC) Vice Chairperson Liz Downes at a Health Information Seminar organised by Cork County Muintir na Tire and hosted by Glanworth Community Council.

The OPC  brings the concerns and experiences of older people to the Age Friendly Alliance and is the voice of older people to the decision making process of the Age Friendly Initiative throughout the County.

The Age Friendly Alliance is made up of Cork County Council •Cork University Hospital •Mercy Hospital •HSE •Bus Eireann •Local Link Bus •Cork Chamber •Garda Siochana •OPC Chair and Vice Chair •the four  Age Friendly Towns •CIT •UCC as well as representatives of the OPC

The OPC capitalises on the vast knowledge of older people to find ways of solving challenges that older people face and allows direct involvement of older people in deciding priorities, shaping actions and bringing about change.

Success to date includes Age Friendly Parking, Age Friendly Seating and the Age Friendly Libraries
Strategy 2018-2022.  Actions planned include raising the standard of facilities in terms of space and accessibility and improvements are dependent upon funding, availability of Premises and planning as well as local issues.  Digital Skills Training; Training and Upskilling on digital devices with   Age Action in libraries for free.

Pics From the Health Seminar in Glanworth.

Pride in Our Community 2019 REMINDER Closing Date June 1st

  • This is a reminder that we are now taking entries for 2019.

    There are three ways for a group to enter:
    • Online Here (It takes Just a few minutes)
    • Contact us at 0214500688 and we will send you an entry form
    • Print out the entry form and send it to us by post or email 
    If you have any difficulties feel free to contact us. For more information on the Competition click here
    Closing Date for Entries is June 1st 2019 

  • Has your group developed or are you in the process of improving amenities in your local community? 
  • Are you a Tidy Towns Group in the process of improving your area ?
  • Are your group planning Community walks and trails?
  • Playgrounds, Community Fields?
  • Community Centre renovations? 
  • upgrades to monuments and amenity areas?
  • River clean-ups, 
  • Community Signs, Murals?
  • Biodiversity areas, Community gardens, allotments? 
  • Graveyard restoration? 
  • Floral displays on streetscape? 
  • All weather facilities, tree planting, Floral bedding etc?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes then feel free to enter the Pride in Our Community Competition which has a Prize Fund of over €10.000

It is open to all communities in county Cork big and small.