Stages in setting up a Community Council

Community Council consists of a group of people who have been elected by all people over the age of 18 in a geographically defined area.

Before any action is taken to establish the Community Council a public meeting is held to discuss the Muintir na Tire model of community development.  If people are interested in moving forward a steering committee is set up to:

Define the geographical boundary of the Community;

1.    The Community is divided into constituencies which might be on the basis of the Station area;
2.    The number of seats on the Council for each constituency will depend on the population of the station area and this must be agreed before elections;
3.    It is recommended that the maximum number of elected members be 20 and the minimum 10. 

4.    At least two thirds of the members of the Council must be elected and a third can be co-opted to represent voluntary groups and individuals;