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Coiscéim – a confidential low-cost counselling programme operated by SHEP.

What is counselling?

Counselling helps an individual to explore concerns and feelings in a safe and confidential setting with the help of a Counsellor who is trained to listen attentively and without judging. This, in turn, may help individuals to understand themselves and what they are experiencing better and may help them to develop more fulfilling relationships and a more satisfying life.

Counselling can help if you …

  • are feeling troubled or stressed in your live and want to find a way forward
  • are feeling down or depressed with the following symptoms: low in energy, have difficulty eating, sleeping, concentrating, cry easily or generally finding it difficult to cope with what is happening in your life.
  • are bereaved or suffering other losses
  • are having relationship difficulties
  • have been or are being  abused verbally, physically or sexually
  • have been or are being bullied
  • you feel low in self-esteem and confidence
  • would like to understand yourself better, find your strengths and build on them.

Who is Coisceim For?


Any individual who contacts Coiscéim seeking counselling is offered an initial assessment. We do not, however, provide addiction treatment of any kind. There are times where a referral to other specialised services may best suit your situation e.g. addiction treatment centre or community based treatment programmes, psychiatric support, advocacy etc.  This type of referral would only take place with full consultation with you.


Couples experiencing difficulties in their relationships are also welcome to contact the service. After an initial meeting it may be decided in consultation with you as to which options may suit best e.g. to engage in counselling together or be referred separately for a number of sessions and then to come back for a further number of sessions together.

Adolescents and Children

Coiscéim offers a limited counselling service to adolescents and children. Parents /guardians have a consultation with the service coordinator before a child is considered for referral to a counsellor.

Family Support

Families can also avail of a number of counselling sessions. The aim of these sessions is to provide an opportunity for parents and children who may be experiencing distress in their relationships due to any of a number of issues i.e. parenting, teenage difficulties, school related issues etc.

Frequently asked Questions about Counselling


Social Health Education Project
Village Chambers,
The Village Centre,
Station Road,
Ballincollig, Co.Cork.
Cork - (021) 466 6180
Limerick - 085 862 6844
Kerry - 087 772 8089

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