Monday, 2 February 2015

News from Conna Community Council and Tidy Towns

Lorna Dunlop has been on to tell me about the newly elected Community Council in Conna.
Lorna says that they have inherited a very clear plan of action from their predecessors who have put in place strong foundations on which to build.
Lorna goes on to say .....'
2014 saw Conna placed 9th in its category in the Tidy Towns Competition despite major disruption to the appearance of the village due to the extensive work carried out to improve the area’s water supply with a new reservoir and connecting pipes.
Our lovely village suffered road and pavement resurfacing causing many of the trees on the main street to be lost.  It is our intention to replace these with posts and hanging baskets in bloom and to pay urgent attention to derelict buildings.
 Also in 2014 Conna hosted its first Highland Games.  This took place in the Community Sports Field and was very successful follow up to The Gathering the year before. Previous committees have worked tirelessly to endow the sports field with lighting and we are proud to see stage one completed with six lights in place.
We newly-elected members, along with the many volunteers, will continue the excellent work and also plan a footpath from village to the field, promoting the safety, health and well-being of the local people and our visitors.
There is a wonderful community spirit in Conna and its people have achieved great things by coming together and working together. The community Hall and Sports Complex, the Senior Social Centre and housing along with the Community Sports Field are all testament to this fact. We currently have funds to tackle some of the work but our resources are limited and without further assistance not all the work can be carried out. Yet we are convinced that these measures are essential in ensuring the prosperity of our community.Lorna Dunlop is a member of Conna Community Council and Secretary of Conna Tidy Towns Committee.

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