Suspended Coffees Movement Founder to Launch Friendship Week

There's an old tradition in Naples, Italy called 'Caffè Sospeso' where someone who is pretty well off would buy a coffee and an extra cup which was suspended for someone less fortunate.
That great tradition was the inspiration for Cork man John Sweeney's Suspended Coffees Movement, which is now in operation in over 1,800 coffee shops in 20 countries in the world.
John tells  how an idea that originated in Fermoy has managed to touch so many people across the globe. "While the idea was about giving someone a coffee it soon became much more. I created a Facebook page that only shares good heart-warming content and people loved it." The project is so important to John because he's been through tough times throughout this project and knows how much of a difference a small gesture can make. "We didn't have a thing, I wasn't able put food on the table, but I stuck at it because I believed in it and the impact it was having,"

John will launch Fermoy Friendship Week in the Fermoy Youth Centre next Wednesday 18th March at 11 am.