Griffins Slug Club to Continue throughout Summer

Hi All
Griffins of Dripsey  have been requested to continue the Slug club
through the summer, so we are happy to announce that there will be a
further five  sessions
Please find a list of the next session and The slug club leaders are
all excited about the new program, they have so many ideas and songs.
So difficult to fit it all in the hour.
Here is a picture of one of the group of slug clubbers that planted
shopping baskets of salads and fruits.  Granny griffin shopping
baskets are very big and tasty.
If you know someone young who loves the outdoors and getting messy
while learning all about nature then sign up for the slug club today.

Venue :Griffins Garden Centre Dripsey
First session May 23rd
On every second saturday at 3 pm
Age: Primary school age
Price:  €5 / session for materials and plants
Tip:   Dress to get messy while having lots of crazy fun.


May 23rd  BFFs ( Best friends forever): Plants that love to grow together.

June 6th  Waking up our Senses, A bed of plants to touch, taste,
smell, hear & see

June 20th  Getting Fruity: Growing our favourite fruit.

July 4th   Edible Hair: Create your own Mega Cress Head

July 18th   Join us at we celebrate our great work all season long and
taste our bounty

If you would like any further detail please contact me at any time

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