A morning workshop on Sustainable Schools; Walking Busproject

PRESS RELEASE Sustainable Schools; Walking Busproject 


A morning workshop on Sustainable Schools; Walking Busproject will be held on the 11th November at a venue to be confirmed in Cork.  


The workshop will examine the barriers and gateways required to create a sustainable transport infrastructure in the greater Glanmire locality.  We would hope to engage with a number of stakeholders including each school being represented by a boy and girl (if mixed), a teacher and 2 parents (both sexes).  6 schools have signed up for the event.  Other schools are welcome to join in the November meeting by contacting SysPro directly. 


We will also be inviting other relevant people in the community to attend including local authority, businesses, gardai etc.  Please let us know who will attend on your behalf by clicking and registering here and feel free to pass this on to any interested parties.  We would appreciate if you could spread the word as everyone is welcome. 


Issues will include

• Traffic Congestion
• Air Pollution
• Bags
• Lockers
• Book Dissection 
• eBooks
• lack of pedestrian crossings
• lack of continuous pavements
• weather
• child safety
• Garda Vetting
• The potential application of the initiative could be implemented into An Gaisce programme (http://gaisce.ie/) in both secondary schools.
• Use of technology to support the initiative, possibly through the coderdojo, which is sub committee of Glanmire Area Community Association (GACA). 



Press Contact Details

Dr Shirley Gallagher
SysPro;Systems for Progress Limited

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