Rural Broadband

Muintir na Tíre participated, as a major stakeholder, in a meeting with the European Commission to discuss Rural Broadband. Commissioners Phil Hogan and Corine Cretu (responsible for regional development) and their officials were keen to hear the views of all stakeholders.

The Muintir na Tíre policy is that the National Broadband Plan and Intervention Strategy will improve matters greatly, but:
• It must be implemented fully and on time.
• The minimum standard (30 Mbps) should be reviewed and increased regularly.
• The plan should not stand alone but must cater for communities who wish to deliver their own solutions on a co-operative basis in the interim.
• There must also be incentives for operators to continue to improve rural services and this cannot stall while the procurement project is proceeding.
• The desired end product must be that fibre be provided to every home as this is the only long term solution.