Friday, 15 April 2016

Why a Community Council in our Community?

Why a Community Council in our village or Town?

à A single entity to promote the welfare of the  entire community.

à To unite the community and rekindle a spirit of community service, neighbourliness and self-reliance.

à To identify the current and future needs of our village.

To plan to  address these current and future needs.

à To get everybody working together to make our village/town a better place for all the community.
  • Community Councils are non-denominational and non Political.
  • Community Councils are socially inclusive
Provides a permanent structure for co-ordinating developments within a community

Provides leadership to a community

Community Representation and Local Accountability.

Increases a community’s capacity to take control of its own development

Totally inclusive and involves all members of the community

Completely responsive to local needs

Increases the community’s potential to access funding for development projects

Provides greater legitimacy and credibility to a community when dealing with government

departments and funding agencies

Community Development Officer for Cork County

Denis Kelly
 Tel 021 4500688  Mobile 0872034876 8 Sidney Place Wellington Road Cork    email

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