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Monday, 19 December 2016

SECAD announces Targeted Calls for LEADER funding

SECAD announces Targeted Calls for LEADER funding

Expressions of Interest are currently being sought from community groups located within the SECAD areas of South and West Cork under the following subthemes:

1.      Rural Tourism
2.      Local Community Projects (Basic Services)

Further details, including area zone maps, Expression of Interest forms, and any future targeted calls can be found on or

N.B. Closing date for receipt of Expressions of Interest for this targeted call is 15th January 2017.

Please feel free to contact SECAD on 021 4613432 if you have any queries.

Kind regards

Nuala O’Connell
South & East Cork Area Development CLG (SECAD)
Midleton Community Enterprise Centre,
Owennacurra Business Park,

Sunday, 18 December 2016

News from GIY Ireland

Veg Of The Week - Mibuna

Why Grow It?

When I first discovered oriental greens some years back and more experienced growers started listing off the various greens in this wonderful family – mustard, mizuna, mibuna, pak choi, bok choi etc – I often wondered whether they were just having a laugh and throwing out made up names for the craic.  But no, mizuna and mibuna are in fact a real thing – two very similar but distinct oriental green varieties.  We covered mizuna here back in early November – it has a slightly serrated leaf.  Mibuna on the other hand has a spear-shaped slender leaf.  It is not as vigorous as Mizuna but it has a more interesting and slightly stronger flavour in my view.
Mibuna is easy to grow and tolerates neglect and extreme cold with equal aplomb.  It does not tolerate heat in the summer as well as Mizuna does.  Mibuna has a refreshing mustard flavour that will bring interest to any salad bowl.  Like most oriental greens, Mibuna can be eaten raw in salads or used in stir fries or soups.


You can sow Mibuna direct in the soil or in module trays for later transplanting.  I generally sow 5-6 seeds in each module in a module tray and plant out each little cluster of plants 3-4 weeks later.   It’s a very reliable germinator (2-3 days).  I find the best results from a small regular sowing every 3-4 weeks from February until September.  I do a larger sowing in September to last through the winter and early spring.  Though larger Mibuna plants will tolerate temperatures up to -10 degrees celsius outside, I generally do my final sowing for the polytunnel (more out of habit than necessity).


Mibuna is a really versatile veg and there are a few different ways to grow it.  
  • Grow it as single plants that are spaced 30cm apart and will grow up to 30cm tall with leaves harvested from it over a long period of time.
  • Grow it as a ‘cut and come again’ crop - where multiple plants are sown about 10cm apart with the leaves harvested when young.


At some times of the year you can harvest as early as 3 weeks after sowing, particularly when you are growing for ‘cut and come again’ small leaves.  As the name suggest with a ‘cut and come’ again crop you can cut it back with a scissors and expect a second, fourth or even fifth crop of delicious leaves.  You can either harvest individual leaves by hand-picking, or cut with a scissors down to about 5cm from the soil.

Recommended Varieties

Kyota, Mizuna Purple, Green Spray


It’s a brassica so in theory it should be included in your brassica rotation and can be prone to all diseases that brassicas get - in practice it’s so quick-growing that you don’t get many problems with it at all.  Flea Beatle can be an issue on young leaves, during the summer - a fine net or fleece cover will help.

GIY Tips

  1. In the summer months, you need to keep it well watered to prevent it from bolting but because I sow it so regularly, I am generally not too bothered if it does bolt (just whip the plants out for composting and replace with new ones).
  2. Mibuna will tolerate semi-shade so ideal for a shady garden.

Friday, 9 December 2016

A magical frosty fairyland, free to all, is coming to Knocknaheeny/Hollyhill community for December 2016!.

Good morning colleagues,

Please see below details of an upcoming weeklong event in Knocknaheeny being
hosted by the NICHE Northside Community Health Project team at the
Knocknaheeny/Hollyhill Community Garden. It would be great if you can
promote this with all of the community projects you are working with.
A magical frosty fairyland, free to all, is coming to Knocknaheeny/Hollyhill
community for December 2016!. All members of the family, young and not so
young, are invited to come along and visit the NICHE Knocknaheeny/Hollyhill
Community Garden (on Hollyville estate behind Discount Fuels) from Monday
12th to Thursday 15th December from 5-7p.m.
2016 is the fourth year of this event and features art created with members
of the local community who have been working towards this event for a number
of months in the NICHE Community Health Project. So what's in store for
children and their families coming to visit? Everyone is invited to find the
magical fairy doors hidden within the garden; see the giant Polar Bear,
visit the artic polytunnel; listen to children's stories in the quiet room,
taste delicious hot chocolate and gingerbread in our Magic Sweet Factory and
meet Santa (bring your own camera). This Christmas celebration is free to
all and an opportunity to showcase the incredible work being done in the
Community Garden and in the NICHE Community Health Project.
The Deputy Lord Mayor Joe Kavanagh has generously agreed to open the event
for the NICHE Knocknaheeny/Hollyhill Community Health Project on Monday 12th
December at 5.30p.m.
We, at NICHE Community Health Project, would like to invite your team to
attend this event, see the art installations and meet Santa. Please note
children MUST be accompanied and supervised by an adult.

Contact NICHE at 021-4300135 for further details.

Important Appeal: Volunteers Needed - Nepal SS fundraising

Dear Friends, I am writing with an urgent appeal for a number of volunteers to help with an important piece of work which we need now to start, urgently, in SHEP. We have called a meeting for Thursday next, December 15th, 7.30pm at the SHEP Training Centre in Ballincollig, for those who can or may be able to respond. Please let us know if you can come.

As you may know, SHEP has been partnering Sahakarmi Samaj in Nepal for over ten years – and for the last nine of these we have successfully secured significant funding from Irish Aid for their work. A key part of this collaboration has been the involvement also of a Dutch Development Group – ICCO, who for these nine years have provided the 25% required match funding. We had been working with Sahakarmi Samaj over the last few weeks to prepare the next application to Irish Aid (due now on 12th January). If successful, Irish Aid would provide an additional , €3 for each €1 in match funding committed – which is very significant.

Our understanding, all along, was the ICCO would be willing and able to continue to support the collaboration through providing match funding (approx. €45,000 per year). Then, as you  know, just recently, we heard the very sad news of Narad Sharma’s being taken very unwell and later dying- which is a tremendous sadness and shock. Unfortunately, to add to the pressure now on Sahakarmi Samaj, ICCO have just this week, unexpectedly, told us that they are no longer in a position to provide the match funding.

We in SHEP are going to do our best to support Sahakarmi Samaj in these unexpected and serious situation. We are going to seek alternative sources of donor funding - though the result of this is uncertain.

We also want to commence a new, and long-term process of local fundraising in Ireland, from the SHEP Community and wider community, to provide some element of the match funding require. In order to get this process started we urgently need a number of volunteers to plan and oversee a fundraising campaign which would need to start as soon as possible. 

If you are unable to volunteer to be part of this new fundraising committee there will be an opportunity to help us in a very real way by contributing to the fundraising efforts in whatever way you can. Every donation, no matter how small, will make a difference. To get things started, though, our emphasis is on assembling a volunteer committee.

Thank you for your interest.

Jim Sheehan

Description: Description: Description: shep-40

The Social and Health Education Project
Village Centre, Station Road, Ballincollig, Co. Cork.
(021) 4666180

Heritage Events from Conor Nelligan

Please take note of the following events as well:

Mary Keane  
"A Question of Language"
In the County Library HQ there will be a video exhibition featuring interviews with some of the former attendees of Coláiste Iosagáin including Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh. The exhibit will focus on their thoughts on the Irish language and methods they believe would assist in Irish language sustainment and development today. The exhibition commences on the 15th of December 2016.
County Library HQ
Knotted Chord Folk Club Kanturk
Moses Bridge Miscellany 1916-2016 Souvenir Issue: Moses Bridge Miscellany 1916-2016 Souvenir Issue is now ready for publication.  It is packed with stories, songs, poems, anecdotes & images from the Barony of Duhallow & beyond, with an accompanying 14 track CD compilation - Spindlers Twist - including the single Here's to you Karl Spindler written specially to mark the 100th anniversary of the Rising. The book will be launched at a concert of traditional music with Geraldine O Callaghan & Graham Guerin & guests at the Trade Union Hall, Kanturk on Friday, December 16th.
Mallow Library  
 'The Way We Were: a look back at life in Ireland a century ago':  
Mallow Library is delighted to host the very popular 'The Way We Were: a look back at life in Ireland a century ago.' This was originally commissioned as part of Cork County Library's 1916 commemorative programme and has been very well received in many of our branches. It's told through stories, songs and music and is performed by the wonderful Michael Twomey of 'Cha and Miah' fame along with soprano Linda Kenny and musician Alan Carney. It's very entertaining and audiences have enjoyed the sing-along aspect. It takes place on Saturday 17th December at 2.30pm so is a great festive treat. It's free of charge but please book a place by calling the library on 022-21821 or drop in for more information.

_ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
It is hoped that this update has been of interest and all the best for now,
Le meas,

Conor Nelligan
Heritage Officer / 'Ireland 2016' County Coordinator

Famine Commemoration Kinsale

Date/Time: Sunday 18th December 2016 at 14:00
Famine Commemoration
Location: Famine Graveyard and Millwater, Kinsale, Co. Cork
Additional Information: December, 18th Sunday, Prayers at Famine Graveyard & Millwater, 2 p.m.

Official Launch of The Aud Exhibition on Spike Island

Saturday 17th December 2016 
Location: Spike Island, Cork Harbour

Additional Information: With the support of the Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, Cork County Council is undertaking an exhibition to the Aud on Spike Island; Spike Island having been the only Irish soil that the crew of the Aud set foot on in 1916. The exhibition will be officially launched by Cork County Council on Saturday December 17th 2016. Places on the boat over and back will be limited but for those interested in attending more information is available by emailing

Thursday, 8 December 2016

SECAD Survey

Dear all

In 2016, South and East Cork Area Development Ltd (SECAD) provided support to community groups under the Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme (SICAP).  If your group has availed of this support in any way, I would be grateful if you could complete the following survey.  This will enable us to shape the support to communities for 2017 and the future.  The survey will take less than five minutes to complete and responses are anonymous.  Your cooperation in responding by Wednesday 21st December 2015 would be very much appreciated at what is a very busy time of the year for you all. 

You can start the survey by clicking on the link below

Please feel free to contact me on 021 4613432 if you have any queries.
Every best wish to you, your fellow group members and your families for a very happy Christmas and looking forward to working with you in 2017.
Kind regards

Nuala O’Connell
South & East Cork Area Development Ltd.,

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Energia Get Ireland Growing Fund Launched in Association with GIY Ireland

DIY Ireland are delighted to announce the return of theirshowcase community campaign in partnership with the brilliant, enlightened kindred spirits at Energia, Ireland’s greenest energy company. Energia Get Ireland Growing will support food growing in community groups across the island of Ireland with a fund of €70,000! The fund will be split across three categories – SowGrow and Harvest with awards ranging from €500 to €2,000. Together GIY and Energia will award the grants to at least 85 community food growing groups up and down the country. We are so looking forward boosting community food growing in such a meaningful way.
Community food growing is at the very heart of GIY. Over the years GIY Groups have been established in libraries, halls, schools and gardens in urban and rural communities. All over Ireland, the UK and the world, people gather to share their knowledge, offer practical advice and moral support. Groups are comprised of everyone, from those with loads of ‘hoe how’ to people who don’t know their hoe from their elbow and everyone in between! GIY and other groups made huge changes in community spaces. The have have created school gardens and community allotments, transformed derelict spaces, brought life and colour to juvenile and rehabilitation centres and provided a dignified outlet for people in direct provision centres. It may seem simple but people coming together over a packet of seeds and a mug of tea can make a huge difference. The world can be put to rights whilst digging over a vegetable patch.
To do great community work requires resources. Mugs of tea can only fuel so much. Clearing space for an inner-city community garden, putting a polytunnel on a school roof, turning a roundabout in to an edible garden or creating a pond at an allotment depends on funding. As resourceful as community groups are, nothing beats a cheque in the door. And a cheque that comes with the message “you can do this, we support you” is ten times better.
That’s where Energia comes in. One of the top renewable energy companies in Ireland, committed to developing renewable and sustainable energy sources in Ireland. What also drew us to Energia as a partner, is their deep commitment to their employees’ health and wellbeing. A little like companion planting, pair up the GIY community of 150,000 clever, resourceful people with Energia, Ireland’s greenest energy provider, and you get perfect synergy. 
To receive support for your community food growing campaign simply register your details here.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Historic Day for Mitchelstown as Forrest Hall Community Centre is opened.

The crowd start to assemble for the official opening of Forrest Hall
It was a dry cold day in the Square in Mitchelstown last Thursday evening. As daylight faded, the beautiful Christmas lights lit up the square. There was also a warm glow in the hearts of the huge crowd assembled there. They were in the square to witness a Historic event as Mitchelstown Community Council prepared to open their new Forrest Hall Community Centre
This was indeed a great achievement for them, and proof of the local community spirit, that such a project has come to fruition, and the new community centre stands proudly in this beautiful square in the heart of Mitchelstown in what was for a long time a disused building.
Mr Sean Finn Chairman thanked everybody for being there and paid tribute to Councillor Frank O’ Flynn, who was the first person approached by the Community Council about the project, Sean said that Frank’s enthusiasm, support and advice throughout the project was invaluable.
Sean also paid tribute to Richard Keating, Mary Ryan, James Fogarty, Alan Morgan, and Barry Owens, Pauline Moriarty and all of the Cork County Council Staff who collectively came behind them, and encouraged, supported them and who were, to a person,  a pleasure to deal with.
He also thanked community Garda John Hennessy a great friend of Mitchelstown Community Council as well as all the County councillors who supported this worthwhile, local, project.
He Said ‘Susan Gallagher from Clann Credo was most supportive and obliging in all of our dealings. Clann Credo is a Social Investment Fund in Ireland founded by Sr Magdalen Fogarty and the Presentation Sisters in 1996. Its goal is to make capital available to community-focused enterprises to promote their growth.’
He also paid tribute to the main contractor Billy O’Rourke and all his staff from Fox and O’Rourke, as well as the various sub-contractors who did such a fine job of work to a very high standard and deserve acknowledgement. 
He said others, such as Dom’s Tiles and Albany Colours, deserve special mention for their help and generosity, not excluding others who worked on the project.

He thanked Denis McGrath, their next door neighbour for giving us the use of his yard over the past eleven months, evidence of a great neighbour to them here, and he thanked all the neighbours in New Square for their patience during the project.
The Christmas lights in New Square in Mitchelstown 
Sean said ‘A community based project such as this is dependent on the goodwill, talents and generosity of many volunteers.  We are indebted to our Tús workers especially David O’ Gorman, supervisor and all involved in the Tús operations. Thank you to Graham Williams, Kevin Piggott, Jason Skinner, and Brian Murphy who voluntarily painted the interior and exterior and engaged in other work in Forrest Hall during the final stages’. 
He added ‘My sincere thanks to my dedicated and diligent fellow Forrest Hall committee members, namely: Therese Horgan, Garda John Hennessy, Harry Walsh and Ger Brennan whose stamina and endurance kept the project alive.  Thank you to Kayren and Mary who maintained the Forrest Hall Facebook page during the past year, ensuring that people far and wide were kept abreast of the developments by regularly uploading photos and news of the progress’.

He also thanked the donors; and said ‘this would not have been possible without you.  Every donation made a difference and we assure you that every cent was and will be put to good use in developing this amenity’.
 Sean Continued saying ‘This venture could never have got off the ground without Declan Finn, a capable, community orientated and skilled young engineer/architect.  Declan’s vision became a reality; his weekly, and sometimes daily, visits kept our project on track.  His great talent is evident to everyone who has been in Forrest Hall and his voluntary work for our community will leave a footprint for many generations to come.  (I have unofficially heard that RTE are head-hunting him to replace Dermot Bannon, in Room to Improve, but I can’t verify that.)  Thank you very much Declan.’
County Mayor Seamus Mc Grath who officially opened the new Community Centre
The Community is already seeing the benefits of the new Community Centre and Forrest Hall is the new home to Cloyne Diocesan Youth Services under Brian Williams and staff and Cork ETB under Nuala White and staff also use the centre.  Both organisations will be an invaluable support to the community especially the young people of Mitchelstown. 
The official blessing by Canon Fitzgerald Canon Tim O’Leary, Fr Gabriel Burke, and Rev Walter Hill then took place followed by the Official Opening by Mayor, Seamus McGrath who officially cut the tape and opened Forrest Hall to the public.
The County Mayor praised the vision and commitment of Mitchelstown and said that it was a huge day for the town of Mitchelstown and surrounding area. He said that Cork County Council recognise the great benefits of working with Community Councils to bring benefit to local communities. He said that he had toured the building earlier and that it was a credit to them. He said also that the co-operation and partnership approach was one that Cork Council will definitely use going forward.

As they were officially opening the building during 2016, the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising, Mitchelstown Community Council unveiled a plaque, designed and sculptured by local craftsman, JJ O’ Mahony, Limerick Road, to honour the events of 100 years ago. The plaque was erected and displayed on the front of Forrest Hall to remind people of the sacrifices made by our forefathers on our behalf. Councillor Frank O’ Flynn Chairman of Cork County Council’s 1916 anniversary team unveiled the plaque and read the 1916 Proclamation and the James Fitzgerald Memorial Mitchelstown Brass and Reed Band played Amhrán na bhFiann as the Christmas Lights shone brightly in New Square beneath the Galtee Mountains.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas Coffee Morning in BEDA Hall Friday 16th

Christmas Coffee Morning at BEDA Hall - we are delighted to invite you to a pre-Christmas Coffee morning on Friday, 16th December, 2016 between 11.00 and 1.00 pm.  

Light refreshments, musical entertainment and all round good conversation.  It's a great way to get into the mood for Christmas.  

Come along and share the joy.  Organised by the community and St. Michael's Centre, Bandon. Call 0238841681 for more info.

Santa's Family Fun Quiz Fermoy Youth Centre next Sunday from 3pm to 5pm.

Good Morning All.

Just sending out a reminder that our inaugural Santa's Family Fun Quiz will take place here in the Centre next Sunday from 3pm to 5pm.  There are great prizes on offer - a Hover Board valued €400.00 / and two Christmas Hampers valued at €100 each along with a Turkey Voucher.

Tables are €20 each and application forms are available from the Youth Centre office at 025-32042 or from our website 

There will be plenty of fun to be had and the children can meet Santa and Mrs Clause with his Elves.

Come and enjoy this two hours of fun - its all about Children & Christmas.  It would be a shame to miss out on this one.

Please spread the word to your relatives and friends. 

Kieran Barry

Sent on behalf of:
Ashe Quay, Fermoy, Co. Cork - 025 32042 -

Saturday, 3 December 2016

The Wheel Training in Cork on 8th Dec

I am looking for your assistance to help raise awareness of The Wheel's forthcoming training event for community, voluntary and charitable organisations, in Cork.
I would be very grateful if you could share the information with organisations and groups in your area, either by forwarding the details, or by publishing the information in your next newsletter, website or any other method of distribution you may have.

The training event in Cork is:
This workshop will provide you with a process to follow with you and your team to look at how you could fund yourselves more sustainable.
Price: 70 Euro for Members of The Wheel/ 120 Euro Non-Members

I hope these event will begin to address the need for more localised training in Cork and its neighbouring counties, but we need your support to make this endeavour viable.

Thank you for your support!
Kind regards
Jayne Tennyson | Event and Marketing Officer 

News from around Clashmore and Kinsalebeg

Lots happening

JJ Fitzgerald and his team of elves have put in a lot of time and effort to make the village look special this year. Please support them by turning up to some of these events in Clashmore and Kinsalebeg.                                                         

Climate Change
On Wednesday next, December 7th the group is off to meet up with similar groups - interested in energy efficiency in the community - in Ballyvourney.
The photos below were taken by David Hemming while he and Robert Anthony were preparing
ground to sow borage seed to attract and support pollinating insects at parcelof land leased from Waterford Council between Country Store Kinsalebeg and N25. 

Community Heroes of the Month

Sept: Clashmore Ramblers
Oct:   Kay Ledingham

Nov:  Joint award to the Community Alert Groups for Clashmore and Kinsalebeg 

Calendar 2018
We are planning ahead. The Community Council is going to issue a Calendar with local photographs but not until January 2018. So we are having a photographic competition each month until then. Every month there will be a different theme and the winning photograph will be chosen to appear in the calendar.
The themes are

December 2016   Christmas                      January 2017    Winter
February              Architecture                     March              People
April                     Spring                              May                  Animals/Birds
June                    Sport                                July                  Summer
August                 Water                               September       Childrens' Competition (u16)
October                Autumn                            November        Black and White

The photographs should be in the size range 2mb - 5mb and should have some connection with our area. They can be old ones if you have a really good photograph from a couple of years ago. All entries should be emailed to and will be posted on the Clashmore and Kinsalebeg Facebook 
page. The judges' decisions are final                  

Operation Transformation
There is a big push on this year for Operation Transformation. There will be classes on exercise, healthy eating, and stress management along with weigh ins and walks.
Full details of the programme will be available before Christmas but if you want to know more come along to the Rising Sun on Wednesday 14th December at 8.30 pm.

Distillery Chimney
The Community Council and Tidy Towns are concerned about the state of the Distillery Chimney and are in discussion with Waterford Leader Partnership about accessing funds to carry out a survey.
This is a picture of the top of the chimney.


The Community Council is very keen to keep local people informed about what is happening in the area.
But we need your help.
  1. If you are on Facebook please like the page -  Clashmore and Kinsalebeg Community Council
  2. Please pass on this information in the newsletter to your friends and neighbours. Or forward this newsletter to a friend.
  3. Finally, get involved yourself. All of the activities shown below need more support. Do come along, if you can, to anything you are interested in.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Public Consultation Period for Draft Local Area Plans Extended

The public consultation period for the 8 Draft Municipal District Local Area Plans has been extended up to 4pm on Monday 16th January 2017. The public, community groups and other stakeholders are encouraged to get involved in the plan making process by making a submission outlining their views on the future development of their community, before the extended public consultation period closes at 4:00pm Monday 16th January 2017. Submissions can be made in writing to the Council or online through the Submissions Page on the Council's webpage

“LEADER Programme to commence across Cork County from 1st December.

The Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr Seamus McGrath and the Chief Executive of Cork County Council, Mr. Tim Lucey have welcomed the commencement of the LEADER programme across Cork County effective from the 1st December 2016.
Cork County has been allocated just over €13.9m in the new round of LEADER programme funding which will run until 2020. The total figure of €13,938,823 was confirmed by Heather Humphreys, Minister for Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs from a total national allocation of €250m.
In welcoming the roll out of the LEADER programme, Cllr McGrath commented: "The available budget is greatly reduced from previous LEADER programmes.  However there is a sense of real urgency in rolling out the new programme. Communities have been cut-off from LEADER funding over recent years and there is a pipeline of projects ready to be assessed. Communities can be assured of the determination of Cork County Council to issue contracts for available funding as speedily as possible".
In addition Cork County Council will provide a supplementary Community Development Initiative Fund of €3.5m to support the LEADER programme which will bring the total funding available to communities in Cork to € 17.4 million.
Mr. Tim Lucey Chief Executive of Cork County Council also welcomed the commencement of the LEADER programme and commended the elected councillors of Cork County Council for providing additional support to the programme stating   “Our elected members listened to the communities of Cork County who were concerned about shortfalls in funding to the LEADER programme and responded by making an additional €3.5m of Council funding available across Cork County. We are one of only a handful of Local authorities across the country that have backed-up the LEADER programme in this way.’
The LEADER Programme supports local and community projects across a diverse range of themes including; Rural tourism, enterprise development, rural towns, access to broadband, basic services targeted at hard-to-reach communities, rural youth, protection and sustainable use of water resources, protection and improvement of local biodiversity, and development of renewable energy. 

The programme is co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.
The roll-out of the programme will be overseen by three Local Community Development Committees (LCDC) operating in each of Cork County’s three respective divisions.  The North, South and West Cork LCDC’s- Committee of Cork County Council - have been confirmed as the new LEADER Local Action Group’s (LAG) for their respective areas of the County.
In North Cork the programme will be implemented on the ground by a consortium of the North Cork LAG and the three incumbent local development companies operating in North Cork namely; Avondhu-Blackwater Partnership, Ballyhoura Development and IRD Duhallow. 

In South Cork the programme will be implemented on the ground by a consortium of the South Cork LAG and the four incumbent local development companies operating in South Cork namely Avondhu-Blackwater Partnership, South and East Cork Area Development (SECAD), Údarás na Gaeltachta and IRD Duhallow.

In West Cork the programme will be implemented on the ground by a consortium of the West Cork LAG and three existing local development companies operating in West Cork namely Avondhu-Blackwater Partnership, SECAD and Comhar na nOileán Teo.

The new groups - which will be branded "LEADER North Cork" "LEADER South Cork" and "LEADER West Cork" respectively- will manage the LEADER funding across Cork for the period 2016-2020.
Mr. Lucey added that LEADER provides a real opportunity to invest in local communities in Cork and that he is "looking forward to seeing a continuation of the great work that has been carried out under previous LEADER programmes by the existing Local Development Companies albeit this time around with an overall significantly reduced budget." 
It was confirmed that the LEADER Programme will be officially launched in Cork County on the 1stDecember and will include formal Calls for Expressions of Interest for suitable projects.
Contact details, application forms and all the latest LEADER news and are available to view on relevant LEADER websites.