Tuesday, 5 January 2016

FLOODING -Well done to Community Councils all over the Country

Just to say that one of the most important groups in rural Ireland are often overlooked and taken for granted when it comes to the amount of work they do in and for communities especially at times of crisis.

The amount and variety of work undertaken by Muintir na Tire Community Councils is staggering. From managing community facilities , developing amenities, looking after all sections of the community from cradle to grave, tireless and thankless fund raising, organising open days, festivals meals on wheels and community care youth cafes youth clubs etc. 
Pic Courtesy Irish Examiner

They are always there in emergencies also and their members were out in force again helping neighbors, manning the pumps and ensuring the elderly were not forgotten during the recent floods. 

Community Councils  have so much to offer because of their local knowledge of landscape and people.

Their efforts must be harnessed properly by the various agencies . They need resources to do their work otherwise they will feel that they are being taken for granted also.

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