Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Carrigtwohil Community Council push for Community Garden

Plans are underway in Carrigtwohill to set up a Community Garden in the area. It is hoped that a Community Garden will encourage young and old alike as well as inter generational cooperation and ecological awareness and offer an outdoor community meeting space. They hope that the garden will  help the retired members of the community be active and share their knowledge with the younger generations. It is also hoped that it will to give unemployed members of the community a feeling of inclusion and participation and give residents opportunities to volunteer.

The Community Council say that the Community Garden will be a great resource for the community in terms of it being an active resource for sustainable organic gardening and offer community composting. Biodiversity will also be a prominent feature of the Community Garden in that it may establish and maintain a butterfly garden and a bee haven. The hosting of creative workshops open to all will also help to promote conservation. It is also hoped that the garden will  host and facilitate community festivals.
The official opening of the Mitchelstown Community Garden. Carrigtwohil Community Council are planning to have their own  Community Garden 

Community Gardening can make significant contributions to Earth’s health and to the enrichment of our Community. Starting a Community Garden is empowering and fulfilling for all who are involved, to take responsibility and try to heal the ills of our World.
It is also sad news the Bee population in Ireland is under serious extinction threat. The All Ireland Pollinator Plan encourages everyone (farmers, gardeners, schools) to create havens and pit-stops for bees. A Butterfly Garden and a Bee Haven shall be established and maintained in the Community Garden. On 17th of September 2015 Ireland has become one of the few Countries in Europe who has developed a strategy to address pollinator decline.

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