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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Easy to Grow Kohlrabi . GIY Ireland

Kohlrabi is gaining in popularity and little wonder – it’s quick-growing, easy to grow and tastes great (like a very mild turnip), cooked or raw.  If you have a polytunnel or greenhouse you can sow it pretty much all year around for a continuous supply.  If growing outside, you can enjoy it from around May to October. It’s a brassica so include it in your crop rotation. Available as green, white or purple varieties, kohl rabi stems grow above the ground. They are beautiful looking, if rather strange looking plants.
Sow a small numbers of seeds every month from April to July for a continuous supply. Don’t be tempted to sow too early as it will bolt if hit by cold weather. The green varieties mature more quickly so sow these first.  If you have a polytunnel or greenhouse to plant them out in, you can start sowing much earlier (January on) and keep sowing until right up to October.
Your best option is to sow a couple of seeds per module in a module tray using fine seed compost. Sow 2cm deep (about a fingernail deep). Leave the tray inside or in a greenhouse.  The kohlrabi should germinate quite quickly (within a week). Remove the weaker seedling.
The seedlings will be ready to transplant about 4-6 weeks later. Leave 25-30cm between plants and 30cm between rows. Kohlrabi like free-draining fertile soil, but they are far less demanding than other brassicas. It’s important when planting the seedling out, to plant it level with the ground (do not plant too deep as you might with other seedlings).  This is because the lower stem is what will swell out to produce the delicious food and if you bury this, it might rot.  Water regularly throughout the season as they go woody in dry weather. You do not need to earth up kohlrabi as you would with some brassicas.
Depending on the variety kohlrabi take between six and sixteen weeks to mature. Lift when they are tennis-ball size. Later sowings can be left in the soil over autumn and early winter, but lift before frosts.
Recommended Varieties
Azur Star – early blue variety.
Superschmelz – tender even if allowed to grow large.
Generally easy to grow, but it’s a brassica, so clubroot and the cabbage white butterfly can be an issue.  Check the leaves for caterpillars and remove. 

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The ripple effect starts with you- Fermoy Friendship Week 11th - 15th April 2016

Fermoy Friendship week returns again for an action packed week from the 11th – 15th April.    As in previous years the overall aim is to promote all things that encourage Friendship within the community. 

Teacher and students of Grange National School Fermoy with their Random Acts of Kindness Board

Try a Random Act of Kindness during Friendship week no matter where you are.

 The ripple effect starts with one. 

One person to hold open a door. 

One person to write a thank you note to a teacher, a coach, an SNA

One person to be a spark of kindness when another really needs it. 

What will be your ripple effect during Friendship Week?

Schools Random Acts Of Kindness for Fermoy Friendship Week

Fermoy Friendship Week returns again for an action packed week from the 11th – 15th April 2016   

 As in previous years the overall aim is to promote all things that encourage Friendship within the community. 

One of the central events for the past number of years has been the participation of all Fermoy based schools in the ‘Random Acts of Kindness Initiative’ - the thinking behind this initiative is that everyone loves to read a positive message.  So over the course of Friendship Week we ask all the students, teachers and staff to be more conscious about performing Random Act of Kindnesses. 
 All kindness stories are written on post-it notes provided and they are placed on the board for everyone to see as a reminder of the positive effect that kindness has on people. All the Random Acts of Kindness Boards are displayed in the Credit Union after Friendship Week.

Ballymore Clean Up Day

Ballymore Clean Up Day

 Saturday 02nd April

Meet at community Centre

Children must be accompanied by an adult.
Bring gloves.

Please support your local community by participating in this event, there are over 200 houses in the community and the same volunteers turn up for every clean-up.
Clean-ups occur once a month for the summer season (6 events per year).

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

New Social Network for Community Groups (Better than Facebook) is a new Social network for Community, Social Inclusion and Environmental Groups.

We in Cork County Federation of Muintir na Tire are hosting our own group there.

This is a public page open to everyone why not join us.

Click here to view and join our Group.

All groups who have registered with Cork County PPN (Public Participation Network) can use this network to set up their own public or private groups. Registered PPN groups will be invited to join soon. Keep an eye on your inbox for details.

Make sure the email used for the PPN is regularly opened as there are always important updates there.

Double check with the person who registered your organisation.

Organisations can also join PPN Linkage Groups on the network.

Traveller Cultural Awareness Training for Fermoy Friendship week

Fermoy Community Network will host the first initiative of Friendship Week 2016 - Traveller Cultural Awareness Training. 
This morning workshop is suitable for anyone with links to the traveller community or those who would like to learn more about traveller culture. 
The workshop takes place from 10.00am - 12.30pm. on Monday April 11th

 Please contact the Resource Centre on 025 32962 to book a place.

Start a ripple.... Create a wave....

Fermoy Area Sports Awards

The Fermoy Area Sports Awards  will be taking place on Saturday 23rd of April in the Corrin Event Centre.

This was a great night last year with a great compere, great band, and fantastic and worthy recipients. We are hoping that this year will be a similar fun filled night.      
McCarthy Insurance Ltd. has kindly agreed to sponsor this event in association with Fermoy Enterprise Board and Fermoy Credit Union Ltd and AIB (Fermoy).

We believe that this will be one of the biggest social events of the year celebrating our local amateur sports stars, community leaders and unsung heroes. Many of these individuals may be recognised in their own club or community organisation but this is a time to formally acknowledge their achievements.

In order to make this a success we need your help.   How can you do this?

1.            We would like you to promote this event among your staff and customers.

2.            Nominate a Club, Sports person or organisation that you think deserves to be recognised. Forms can be downloaded on the Fermoy Credit Union Website (see downloads) and from the McCarthy Insurance website. ( Closing Date 4th April) 

3.            Buy a couple of tickets for the event and raffle or give them to your staff or customers. The tickets will be €40 each and this includes a drinks reception, Gala dinner and dancing to a class top band. 

4.            We would also ask you to mention it on your Face book page or company website.

5.            Sponsor one of the awards or donate a prize for a raffle on the night please (Contact Joe Slattery).

This will be a very big event but to make it a great event we need your support.          

Contact details for queries, tickets and posters

Joe Slattery:
Noel Barnes: 
Pat Morrissey:     

Looking forward to your support

The organising Committee:   Marie Barry (AIB), Joe Slattery, Pat Morrissey (Fermoy CU)  

Pat Morrissey
Marketing Officer
Fermoy Credit Union

Monday, 21 March 2016

Cinemobile Intergenerational Project

Cinemobile who's mobile cinema can hold 100 at each screening.will be running an inter-generational project with the recently released Older Than Ireland as its theme.This film tells the story of a selection of elderly people who are over 100 years old.  
The film’s director Alex Fegan and/or a representative from Age Action will deliver a pre-screening talk followed by a post-screening  reminiscing workshop between the young people and the older people. 
Funded by Cork County Council the  entire screening and workshop should take approximately 2 and a half hours.  


The towns to be  visited in Co. Cork in April are as follows:

  • Cork City, Monday 11th (1 screening)
  • Skibbereen, Tuesday 12th (2 screenings: 9:30am for students only; 12 midday an intergenerational screening)
  • Youghal, Wednesday 13th  (2 screenings: 9:30am for students only; 12 midday an intergenerational screening)
  • Mitchelstown, Friday 15th (2 screenings: 9:30am for students only; 12 midday an intergenerational screening)
  • Kinsale, Saturday 16th. (1 screening)

The Benefits:

The project helps to gain an understanding of what it means to age in Ireland. It opens a dialogue between the young and old and also transcends their age gap. A lot of the centenarians in Older Than Ireland speak of how young children don’t play anymore. They discuss what their teachers were like, the games they used to play, their memories of dances, their first kisses as well as other universal subjects. There are many moments in the film that cause the students to look completely differently about their grandparents with a new sense of understanding and respect. The film also addresses the opinion that neighbours today don’t talk as much as they used to and how this can result in loneliness in Irish society.

The tour also wants to focus on the opportunities it gives the older generation in Co. Cork to reminisce openly on what life was like in their community growing up. It is hoped that the documentary will kick start some fascinating discussions and sharing of lived experiences. The engagement created by this tour can only be extremely healthy for society as a whole.

For more Details Contact
Jarlath Henehan
Education Officer
Phone: 353 091 751 629

Saturday, 19 March 2016

New deadline for Mayors Awards Nominations

This year will be the fourth year of the Cork County Mayor’s Community Awards Scheme. This awards scheme was introduced in the County to acknowledge that people are giving up their time to help others and to acknowledge publicly the work of volunteers and to recognise the communities that help local authorities.


Due to numerous requests the deadline for the Mayor's Community Awards 2016 has been extended to Thursday 31st March.


Cork County Councillors and PPN Secretariat Members can nominate organisations and individuals              

The new closing date for receipt of submissions is:   Thursday March 31st 2016

The Awards Ceremony takes place on:                               Wednesday May 11th 2016

Friday, 18 March 2016

Growing Radishes From GIY Ireland

Try eating a raw radish with a bit of butter and some seasoning and you have all the reasons you need to grow them. Crunchy, peppery and delicious. They are tremendously easy to grow and are ready to eat just 4 weeks after sowing – that’s fast food! This quick return means they are ideal if you are just starting out, and they are an excellent option for container growing. Don’t dismiss them as a one-trick veg though – there are dozens of varieties including turnip-sized winter radishes which can be stored over the winter.

They can be sown pretty much anywhere – often thrown in among other veg and even in partial shade. A very dry soil however, won’t suit them. Always sow directly in the soil – they don’t fare well when transplanted. Sow a small number of seeds regularly (every two to three weeks) from April on for a consistent crunchy addition to salads. Sow thinly 1cm deep and when the seedlings have emerged, thin to 3cm apart (discard the thinnings).

Water regularly in dry weather or if growing them under cover – keeping the soil moist prevents splitting.

They will be ready to eat withing a month which is one of the fastest of all vegetables. Don’t let them get too big as they become overly peppery and tend towards tasting “woody” when too large. So, the key is to sow little but often. Winter radishes are hardier and can be left in the soil or lifted for storage.

Recommended Varieties
Cherry Bell
French Breakfast

Slugs can nibble at radishes but they are rarely so badly eaten as to be inedible.

GIY Tips

1. Fast growing radishes are often sown between rows of slower-growing vegetables as they can be harvested without upsetting the other veg. They can also be used to mark out a row of slower germinating veg like parsnips. Radishes are a brassica however, so ideally you should keep them in the brassica group in your rotation plan.
2. Fresh radish tops can be used in soups.

News From Cork Community TV

Hello everyone,

For those of you who are thinking of applying for Round 26 of the BAI’s Sound and Vision Scheme III, please note that the closing date for applications to the BAI is:  Thursday, 7th April, 2016 at 12 noon.

Remember if you are a new applicant, you must register with and receive your account details at least 2 days before the closing date.  If you are already registered there is no need to register again.  Be sure to check your status.

If you are going to apply and require a Letter of Commitment to Broadcast from ourselves then please contact me at the latest by 12.30 pm on Wednesday, 6th April.

Kind regards,

Siobhan O’Neill
Sound & Vision Co-ordinator

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Fermoy Friendship Week: April 11th – 15th

 Fermoy Friendship week returns again for an action packed week from the 11th – 15th April.    As in previous years the overall aim is to promote all things that encourage Friendship within the community. 
Members of the Fermoy Community Network launching Fermoy Friendship Week
One of the central events for the past number of years has been the participation of all Fermoy based schools in the ‘Random Acts of Kindness Initiative’ - the thinking behind this initiative is that everyone loves to read a positive message.  So over the course of Friendship Week we ask all the students, teachers and staff to be more conscious about performing Random Act of Kindnesses.  All kindness stories are written on post-it notes provided and they are placed on the board for everyone to see as a reminder of the positive effect that kindness has on people.
Many of the schools with their Random Acts Of Kindness Boards during Friendship week.

John Lonergan Former Govenor of Mountjoy Jail with teenagers during Friendship week
The organising committee are delighted to announce a number of new interesting and social events in the locality over the course of the week.  A cornerstone event this year will be the Friendship Variety Show which will take place on the Thursday evening, April 14th.  

Already a number of community groups, youth groups and schools have signed up to showcase their musical and artistic talents on the stage of the Palace Theatre at Fermoy Youth Centre.  This event is open to the public with a nominal charge of €5.00 for tickets to help offset the costs of staging the event.

CARA for Friendship Bishop Murphy Primary School
The week itself kicks off on Monday 11th April with a talk on Traveller Culture which will be delivered by traveller ladies living in North Cork.  The key message is to promote understanding and build relationships between the settled and traveller communities.

Another new project this year includes the involvement of local businesses who are being invited to promote kindness utilising their own initiative.  Businesses that join in will get a Friendship Logo Window sticker to display at their premises; Friendship Badges will also be available to purchase in various locations within the community.

The final event of the week will be a treat for the public as Fermoy Film Club will be screening the film ‘Pay it Forward’.  The film will be shown on the Friday night in the Palace Theatre, starting 8pm, €5 charge.

If you are interested in any of events being held during the week please contact the resource centre at 025 32962; you can also check out the new Facebook page called Fermoy FriendshipWeek.  This page has been set up to encourage people in our community to post about activities and acts of kindness.

Friendship Week Social 

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Cork County Muintir Na Tire has another successful Year

The Board of Cork County Federation reported another very successful year at their AGM in Ballyphehane Community Centre last night,
Chief Superintendent Tom Hayes With Margaret Searson and Annette Lane Cork County Federation.
Annette Lane Chairperson said ' that during 2015 Cork County Federation Muintir na Tire made significant progress in the delivery of our main work programmes. In  community development we continued our supports to Community Councils. We have also been very busy in setting up new Community Councils in County Cork . These Community Councils will provide stable and dynamic leadership for the communities in question. We also continue to forge strong links with other groups and agencies. We also contributed to the third County  Mayors Awards for the Community and Voluntary sector.
We organised a series of very
Michael White and Sean Finn Mitchelstown Community Council at Muintir AGM
successful Health Information Seminars during the year in conjunction with HSE Cork North Community Work Department , We also work with the Mitchelstown and Fermoy Community Networks,  We organised a very enjoyable East Cork Seniors Jamboree in Midleton.  This year we also organised a very successful Community Alert 30th Anniversary in association with Carrigtwohil Community Council and the National Federation.
 We also organised a very successful ‘Pride in our Community Amenity’ & School Garden  competition in conjunction with Cork County Council. This continues to be very inspirational & reflect the huge voluntary commitment around the county by volunteers, teachers & children.
She also said she  would like to thank her fellow directors, our staff, and especially the dedicated members of Community Councils and community groups all over County Cork for the huge contribution they make to their local areas every  year. I want to pay tribute to them for their dedication and commitment to maintaining and developing services and facilities in their local areas.
Killeagh Inch delegates at the Muintir AGM
We would like to thank all those who helped the County Federation during 2015 especially the HSE Community Work Department  Cork North,  Environment Department Cork County Council, Department of Social Protection and all who helped us in any way.    
Guest speaker on the night was Chief Superintendent Tom Hayes who spoke on Community Policing in County Cork. He outlined what Community Policing was about. He said Community Policing was about providing the people in an area with their own dedicated Garda service, to enable them discuss everyday occurrences and build up a strong and supportive personal relationship with Gardai and  to help residents of an area to prevent crime by supporting crime prevention initiatives such as Neighbourhood Watch and Community Alert. He said the Gardai also work with other social agencies in the area to help curb crime and vandalism. 
PRO Finbarr Motherway and  Chairperson Annette Lane at the Muintir Agm
Chief Superintendent Hayes answered questions from those present and many expressed their concerns on many policing and road safety issues. However many also expressed the opinion that they had learned a lot about how policing works in our County. Mr Sean Murphy President thanked Chief Superintendent Hayes for his worthwhile contribution and promised support from Muintir na Tire for Community Policing into the future.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Irish Public Bodies Community Engagement Fund

Details of the Irish Public Bodies Community Engagement Fund. Information on the fund and how to apply can also be found here:

Please note that the applications process opens on April 4th 2016 and closes on April 25th 2016 at 5pm.

Queries should be addressed directly to IPB via the links on the attached document or via the website

Friday, 11 March 2016

Memory Cafe Mallow

Just to tell you about a monthly memory café we are piloting. 
A Memory Cafe is a social gathering where people with memory loss and their family or friends can come together in a friendly and supportive environment. 
We will meet on the third Saturday of the month in the Gilbert Centre, Mallow. Each month we will have a focus – music, gardening, yoga or trips local places of interest. The focus for this Saturday is the 1916 Rising.

Weekends appear to be a difficult time for people as most services are Mon-Fri so we are trying this initiative to see if it is helpful.
Details can be found on the poster or on our website Please spread the word and if you fancy joining us to help out, you’d be most welcome.
 Why not come along and make new friends over a cup of tea and a scone!  

All the best

Sheena Cadoo
Occupational Therapist/ Crystal Project Lead
Memory Resource Room
Mallow Primary Healthcare Centre
Co Cork

022 58700
086 787 1818

The Crystal Project is a joint initiative between the HSE, The Alzheimer Society of Ireland, The Carers Association, UCC, families affected by dementia, local community groups and GPs. The Crystal Project is the trading name of Mallow Dementia Project Ltd, a company limited by guarantee without a share capital registered in Dublin No 54574, CHY No 21361 with a registered office at Memory Resource Room, Mallow Primary Healthcare Centre, Mallow, Co Cork. Directors: S. Cadoo and Y. Finn Orde, Secretary: Dr C. Sheehan. The Crystal Project is funded by the HSE, The Alzheimer Society of Ireland, Genio and the European Foundations Initiative on Dementia  Tel: 022 58700,  www.crystalproject.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Carrots GIY Ireland

Perhaps not the easiest of veg for the beginner (particularly if grown in open ground), carrots are difficult to grow well and require a deep, light, stone free, fertile soil to do well.  But if you get the soil right and keep the carrot root fly away, you will be rewarded with a crunchy, sweet and flavoursome crop. Carrots are the classic stockpot vegetable and full of vitamin A. They store well and can be grown effectively in deep containers or pots. Growing them yourself is a way to rediscover a long, lost flavour. 
Carrots are best sown direct in the soil as they do not transplant well – there’s really very little point in trying to sow seeds in module trays for later transplanting or for that matter in buying carrot ‘seedlings’.  Never add fresh manure or compost when sowing carrots as it will cause them to fork, and encourage leafy growth.  You can however add well rotted manure or compost the previous autumn to the area where you will grow carrots. 
Dig the bed well during the autumn to make sure there is at least a foot of good friable soil – compacted soil equals stunted carrots.  Carrot seeds are tiny so this is one situation where you will really need to get the seed bed to a “fine tilth” (see tips).
You can sow carrots from mid April (or March under a cloche or in a polytunnel), but I generally wait until late May to sow my main crop of carrots – germination rates are better in warmer soil.  Sow thinly at 2cm deep in rows 20cm apart.  Keep the seed bed moist to encourage germination.  Don’t be alarmed if nothing seems to be happening!  It could take 2-3 weeks.  Thin to 5cm when the seedlings are large enough to handle. Check out our excellent little video on growing carrots at

Mental Health Services user? Have Your voice Heard- Mitchelstown/Fermoy area

Any adult Mental Health Service Users who are interested in going to this meeting, should contact Martin Scully directly on 087 6599581 beforehand and Martin will give you full details.  If you have any queries in relation to this please contact Martin.

SHEP April to May 2016 Community Education Programme of short courses (20 hour),

SHEP April to May 2016 Community Education Programme of short courses (20 hour), most of which are being organised collaboratively with groups such as Lantern Community Project in Cork City Centre, Respond in Midleton and Avondhu-Blackwater in Mallow. 
  All of these courses are at a subsidised rate and some are at No Charge

Please pass on the information to people you think might benefit from the opportunity and who might be interested to apply. SHEP can be contacted on 021 4666180 for enquiries or further information on direction to venues etc
See application form below

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Community Matters. Focus on Glanworth

Glorious Glanworth

Glanworth Muintir na Tire Community Council is leading the way in providing leadership for this beautiful North Cork village just outside Fermoy.  Set up in 1975 the Community Council’s main function has been the operation and maintenance of the local Community Centre. It also boasts many working groups and sub-committees involved in almost every facet of community life.
Some of the spring planting that was done last year
by Glanworth Community Council with the help of the CE workers

The Community Centre

The Glanworth Players
Running a Community Centre is a major undertaking by many Community Councils around County Cork and without a centre many villages would struggle to provide services and facilities in their community. In Glanworth the Community Centre is the hub of all Community activity and has been so for over thirty-eight years. Take for instance the Farrelly School of Irish Dance run by Maureen Monahan who has been passing on her skills for nearly forty years to the schoolchildren of Glanworth and beyond. The 105th Glanworth Scouting group are another well-established user of the centre and this year are celebrating 25 years in action. The local Glanworth Players Dramatic Group established in 2000 have just ended their week long production of The Year of The Hiker by John B Keane.
 Local Piano Teacher Angela Casey also organises an annual Piano Recital in the Centre
Schools make great use of the Community Centre for special events Plays and fund-raising. Glanworth National School use the community centre for their annual Nativity Play and the Parents association organise fund raising, Cake Sales, Discos and catering for Communion and Confirmation days. Not to be outdone there are two playschools in Glanworth. The School Around the Corner and Wee Wisdom perform their Christmas plays for all the family members of these progressive playschools.
Both Adult and juvenile sections of Glanworth GAA and Glanworth Ladies GAA also make use of the Community Centre for social events and fund-raising. Many other voluntary and community groups including a Fishing club, Young Priests Society, IFA, and local Fianna Fail. The Community Centre is also used for voting in local and general elections.
Major improvements to the community centre have been carried in the last few years and Glanworth can be proud of its achievements.

Meeting needs

Of course the Community Council not only provide the Community Centre, which is a safe environment for young and old but also organise a whole load of other services themselves in the Community Centre and the village.  Glanworth Community Council have identified many issues and needs within their community and sub committees are striving hard to ensure that these issues are resolved and the needs met. Glanworth Active Retirement Group works very closely with Glanworth Community Council. Indeed represenatives from both groups attending the recent Social satellite meeting in Glanworth including Pauline Dwyer, Community Council Chairperson.
Pauline highlighted the tremendous work that has taken place in their community premises with major upgrades to their meeting rooms, main hall, kitchen and the exterior of the building.  She thanked Avondhu Blackwater, Cork County Council and HSE for their financial support.
The only piece of jigsaw remaining to be done is their toilets but remedial works are in the offing after a grant of €12,000 amenity grant from Cork County Council.
Glanworth Active Retirement Group is in the safe hands of Chairperson Eric Mee who welcomed everyone to the meeting.  He also mentioned the group is 9 years on the go this week.
Glanworth Active Retirement Group meet every two weeks.  This consists of usually  a speaker attending with Bingo, music and refreshments.  The group will be attending the AOSTA conference on March 23rd in Mallow GAA Grounds and are really looking forward to this day out.
Besides this the group embarks on numerous outings during the year.  The group are busy organising a major social on the 20th March and are inviting neighbouring groups to come along.
Members of Glanworth Active Retirement Group  Eric Mee , with local community Garda Vincent Guerin, Owen Mac Aulifffe 
Maura o Neill , Breeda Mee and Catherine Williams 

The Community Council and the active Retiremant Group also came together to provide chairs for the Community Centre, and erect a Christmas tree and Christmas lights in the village.
A seniors Christmas Party is also organised each year for the older members of Glanworth, Ballindangan and Currashall.
A Committee led by Barry O Farrell, Les Mahon and Donal Hanrahan is making great progress with plans to provide the village with a first class playground. The site donated by Cork County Council is ready and fund raising is planned to get this much needed amenity finished and the committee is hoping for one final effort by everyone to put the playground in place.
The Site for the Playground

A new Tidy Towns Group has been set up and all members of the Community Council are working together to ensure that Glanworth does well in the competition. The Community Council will also be entering Muintir na Tire’s Pride In Our Community Competition with their plans for a 1916 remembrance Garden. The garden will include the planting of seven trees to honour the seven signatories of the Proclamation, a 1916 bench, a proclamation Plaque and a flagpole for the tricolour.
A historical Society has also been formed which includes Edel Sheehan, Mike Healy and Pauline O’ Dwyer. Glanworth is rich in heritage and this committee have already discovered a 200 year old stained-glass window, which they hope to frame and display in the community centre. If you are interested in history and heritage then the village of Glanworth is certainly worth a visit, and there are a number of great heritage sites nearby too like the impressive Labbacallee Wedge Tomb.

Maintaining and Improving the village

The Community Council utilises the services of one Tús Worker and six Community Employment workers on various projects around the village. These workers do tremendous work cleaning signs, maintaining Community Centre, the graveyard, mowing, strimming, planting bulbs etc

Community Alert /Text Alert

A recent initiative has seen the setting up of a community alert / text alert in association with Muintir na Tire.  This initiative is led by Joan O Neill, Pauline O’Dwyer and Frank O Flynn. This group get great help from Fermoy Community Garda Andrew Geary. The group were also helped greatly by neighbouring Ballindangan Community Council members Marie Linnane and Pat Landers.

Help with fund raising.

Like so many community and voluntary organisations Glanworth Community Council depend on fund raising to finance the running of the Community Centre and other community projects. Glanworth are lucky to have a 45 Card Group led by Bridie O’Connell and Seamie Browne. The local Community Lotto in aid of the Community Centre Development Fund is organised monthly by Catherine Williams and Margaret Hennessy. A Catering Committee which helps with parties and the afters of funerals is a crucial part of the community and vital for events and celebrations.  Glanworth Community Council are very lucky also to have the services of that great stalwart Mike Healy who has been the de facto Community Development worker for the council for many years. Mike is an acknowledged expert in writing grant applications a must for any community.

Help from outside

Cork County Council, Rockmills Group and Avondhu Blackwater Development have all been of great help to Glanworth Community Council over the last few years. Avondhu Blackwater Development were the main conduit for a €100,000 grant towards the Community Centre redevelopment and in providing the Tús worker. Cork County Council have been very helpful over the last few years. Amenity grants helped to provide chairs for the Centre, heating controls in the Centre, carpeted area backstage in the hall and the Rose garden fencing. The County council also provided a €12,000 community Grant towards an upgrade for the toilets in the community Centre.  The Rockmills group provide the six Community Employment workers who maintain the village.
Members of Glanworth Community Council with Avondhu Blackwater at opening of newly done up hall in 2014  (photo 8135) Sean hegarty Avondhu Blackwater , Mike Healy Development Officer GCC , Martin Roche building contractor , 
Valerie Murphy Avondhu , Cll Frank O Flynn , Pauline O Dwyer chairperson GCC , and Fr , Michael Corkery pp Glanworth 

Reaching out
Glanworth Community Council wishes to reach out to the ‘new Irish’ and would welcome the input and experience they will bring to the community. The Community Council meet on the 2nd Wednesday of every month in the Community Centre at 8.30pm.
If you wish to get involved in any way with Glanworth Community Council please contact

Pauline O Dwyer


Additional Photos

New Chairs partly paid for by Active Retired Group and GCC

Newly formed  glanworth historical
society with whats left of  the 200 year stained glass window , that
was found in the community centre Noel Sheehan, Pauline o Dwyer Mike
Healy ,new members welcome as lots of  projects in the pipeline

Glanworth Community Centre

Glanworth rose garden where the 1916 garden of
remembrance will be installed. Work will be starting soon to fix the fence and
some planting and to put up sign to show history of site as this is
where old school  was ,The 1916 garden will go up at top corner. Cork
County Council gave $1000 amenity grant and $1000 grant for the
1916 garden

The grotto Glanworth  maintained by the community
council and rockmills community workers ,this is where cardinal
Richard Cushing,s  parents, Patrick and Mary  left  to go to Boston
in 1880. Cardinal Cushing  was a close friend of the Kennedy family
and officated at JFK and Jacqueline wedding,He gave the prayer invocation
at JFK inauguration in1961 and celebrated President Kennedy's funeral
mass in 1963

Glanworth community council community christmas party 2015
with members of the parish of glanworth ballindangan and curraghagalla
community council members and members of Glanworth 105 th scout  group
who help to serve dinners Fr Micheal Corkery and Fr Gould

Denis Gallagher making history after Glanworth junior a hurlers
won the North Cork final for the first time in the history of the club
and called to the community council christmas party  Margaret Hennessy
PJ Browne Treasurer GCC Cll Frank O Flynn Kevin O Keeffe TD Pauline o
Dwyer Chairperson GCC Fr Gould Denis Gallagher Team captain and Fr Micheal
Corkery pp

Members of Glanworth community council and active
retirement group at the switching on of  the christmas lights on the 8th
Dec 2015 by fr Micheal Corkery pp and Cll Frank O Flynn