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Carrigtwohill AGM Tue 5th April at 8pm

Carrigtwohill Community Council is holding their AGM on Tuesday April 5th in the Community Centre at 8pm. The Community Council is essentially a group of people uniting, organizing, co-operating and implementing projects for the benefit of the community. They also work with outside bodies in particular government agencies from which advice and financial assistance is sought and obtained.
The Community Centre itself is always busy with people coming and going. The Millennium Park   offers all types of recreation strenuous and not so strenuous. 
If you live or work in Carrigtwohill come along and hear what is happening in this vibrant Town /Village.  Carrigtwohill Community Council is at the heart of everything good that is happening in this East Cork Community. The Community Council own and manage Millennium Park one of the largest and busiest community complexes in the county boasting a Community Centre, Playground, all weather pitches and outdoor exercise and amenity area. They also have over 15 sub-committees and working groups managing a variety of Community Projects and programmes catering for every section of the community.
They have been the catalyst for many of the improvements in this community as it grew from village to a bustling multicultural town in recent years. Issues raised at meetings quickly develop into action plans and the whole town is mobilized into action. They have led many actions aimed at improving the lives of those living in Carrigtwohill and surrounding areas.
Carrigtwohill Community Council encourage all individuals to participate in community life. It has long recognized that new communities, the elderly, young people, people with a disability, children and families and Isolated Older Farmers need to be reached out to. All socially excluded groups have been made very welcome by Carrigtwohill Community Council and the Council play a leading role in developing links with its neighbors in East Cork and beyond.
Carrigtwohill Community Council have come up with many innovative ideas. A major two-day Medieval Festival was organized and Carrigtwohill can now boast the Oldest Fair Day in Ireland. A two- day event which featured many aspects of country life from the past to the present day was organized by the Community Council who also organize a very successful St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Plans are also underway in Carrigtwohill to set up a Community Garden in the area. It is hoped that a Community Garden will encourage young and old alike as well as inter-generational cooperation and ecological awareness and offer an outdoor community meeting space. They feel that the garden will help the retired members of the community be active and share their knowledge with the younger generations.
The Community Council meets monthly and the officers meet more regularly.  The amount of very active Subcommittees of this Community Council (fifteen) is a testament to responsiveness to issues in the community.
The Physical appearance of Carrigtwohill has been much improved in recent years because of the work of Carrigtwohill Community Council and its Tidy Towns Sub Committee. Carrigtwohill Community Council has erected impressive stone signs welcoming visitors giving a good first impression as you enter. The grass verges are kept neat by the Community Council with colourful landscaping.  The roundabouts are also very well landscaped with the help of local businesses and dedicated residents. Regular clean-ups are organised.
The Community Centre itself is always busy with people coming and going. The Millennium Park is also very busy and what a fine amenity this is for the community.  It offers all types of recreation strenuous and not so strenuous. The Community Council has also developed a Community walk on the Western side of the Town in association with GE.
Carrigtwohill Community Council was first established in 1947 and has, since then, provided strong Community leadership to this Village / Town.  Its Longevity alone is a testament to the sustainability of this organization, however it is also a very forward looking group and 2011 they adopted a five-year strategic plan with a view to increasing community development and participation in the area.
Carrigtwohill Community Council contributes to the economic development of Carrigtwohill in three ways.
It organizes Fairs, Festivals and a St. Patrick’s Day parade. They utilize local businesses for catering and other services at community events. With major development ahead People need to be part of a community and have a sense of pride in their area and Carrigtwohill Community Council will always ensure that Carrigtwohill will always be a nice place to live in to grow up in, to have pride in and to grow old in. So if you are living in the area come along and support this very active Muintir na Tire Community Council in its work.

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