Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Stress Control

This is a FREE class that runs over 6 weeks. If you want to learn better ways to handle common problems such as anxiety, depression, low self-confidence, poor sleep and panic attacks then come along to Stress Control. It is appropriate for anybody over the age of 18 who is interested in learning these skills.


Stress Control is a class – not group therapy  so you do not have to talk about your problems in front of others. You just sit back and learn some great ways to control stress. This approach was devised by Dr. Jim White – a Clinical Psychologist in Glasgow – and is now used across the world. Stress Control will be run by Yvonne O’Brien, Counselling Psychologist with the HSE North Cork Primary Care Psychology Service. 


As stress is so common, there can be large numbers in the class. Feel free to bring someone along with you if it would make you feel more comfortable. 


What happens in each of the sessions?


• Session 1: Information about stress
• Session 2: Control your body: relaxation, exercise
• Session 3: Control your thoughts: learn to think your way out of stress
• Session 4: Control your actions: boost self-confidence
• Session 5: Control panic
• Session 6: Control sleep problems; control your future



As part of the Stress Control classes you will be provided with a number of booklets to read and also a free relaxation CD. 



The next Stress Control class will be held in Mallow Primary Healthcare Centre (MPHC) on:


Wednesday August 17th 2016 (6-7:30pm)

Wednesday August 24th 2016 (6-7:30pm)

Wednesday August 31st 2016 (6-7:30pm)

Wednesday September 7th 2016 (6-7:30pm)

Wednesday September 14th 2016 (6-7:30pm)

Wednesday September 21st 2016 (6-7:30pm)


If you would like to sign up for the class please contact Yvonne on086-8137269




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