Monday, 4 July 2016

St Patricks Boys NS Skibbereen are winners of Best New Garden

St Patrick's Boys school had an area at the rear of the school unsuitable for play that they wanted to utilise.
They have over 220 boys in the school including three classes for children with Autism who they felt would all benefit from a school garden.With the the help of one of the teachers Brian Granaghan, they designed the garden and a parent in the school drew up the garden design.
They came up with a 3 year plan and began work on the garden on February 26th 2016.
The Garden is designed around a Sensory Garden. It will have a Sensory Path where each section will have a different surface. They will have Growing Areas, a Zen Garden, a Herb Wheel and much more. The path will have bark mulch, gravel, stone, slate, straw, logs, stepping stones
They have 10 new raised beds – one for each class and they are already growing pumpkins, sunflowers, strawberries, sweetcorn, potatoes, legumes, and brassicas. They are even trying companion planting.
The boys in 4th Class planted our new Willow Tunnel and Willow Dome.
and they have also made an amphitheatre which will serve as an outdoor classroom
St Patricks could well be the first school in Ireland with its own Geodome!!!
The Geodome allows them to grow all year round and they can even try growing exciting things like tomatoes and melons.
Lots of people have helped in the Garden  pupils, teachers, parents, local organisations etc.
They have held after school evenings where parents and families have helped out.
They also have a Garden Club at lunch break twice a week which the boys love.
They are trying to include as many elements in the garden as possible. Next year, they will build a wormery & composting areas and hope to plant our orchard,mini forest & native hedging.
Well done to all involved

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