Sunday, 6 November 2016

News From SHEP The Social and Health Education Project

We hope that you enjoyed Hallow’een and are enjoying this mid-term week.
There is just one workshop left in the Autumn On-going Development programme – the weekend workshop on Rosen Movement and Bodywork.  Last spring, we offered a Rosen movement workshop through SHEP as an experiment. Those who participated were very pleased with it, so we decided to put a Rosen workshop into the autumn programme. We are lucky once more to have the possibility of working with an international teacher. There are places left – please don’t delay in booking if you would like to take part.  The application form is attached.
Warm wishes – Mary Mangan

Rosen Movement and Bodywork – a weekend workshop with Lene Espensen & Adria Dockrell.
"This work is about transformation – from the person we think we are to the person we really are.  In the end, we can’t be anyone else."                                                   — Marion Rosen
Rosen Method is a gentle yet powerful form of touch and movement. The Rosen Method accesses unconscious tensions and enables us to live more at ease, and from our essence. Men and women come to Rosen Method for relief of emotional or physical pain; others want to feel more connected to themselves and others, seeking personal or spiritual growth, or wish to explore.
Rosen Method can help participants to 
v  Lessen stiffness, tension and pain, improve posture, flexibility, balance, range of motion and vitality
v  Prevent physical difficulties before they arise 
v  Make breathing easier and more effective
v  De-stress, and feel joy and ease in moving

Lene Espensen is a physiotherapist, and is a director of Rosen Institute France where she teaches Emotional Anatomy and Bodywork, and coordinates the Rosen Movement training programme in France. She first encountered Rosen Method in Denmark in 1996. She studied in Switzerland, and subsequently in the United States with Marion Rosen.
Adria Dockrell has been teaching Rosen Movement in Ireland since 2011. She graduated as a dance teacher from the University of Limerick, and as a Rosen Movement teacher in California with the founders Marion Rosen and Lisa Thompson.

When:  Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th November 2016  10.00  a.m. – 5.00 p.m. both days
Where:  tbc
Cost: €75

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