Thursday, 27 April 2017

Forum for Divestment and Beyond

Hello from SHEP

You may know that SHEP is a member organisation of Cork Climate Action network, along with Trócaire, and the Cork Environmental Forum, and other groups.  Cork Climate Action has organized a public meeting  - “Forum for Divestment and Beyond”  at which elected politicians from different parties will have an opportunity to share their views on the Divestment Bill 2017, which was sponsored by Trócaire, and which is currently at “committee stage” in the Dáil. The Forum will take place in the Imperial Hotel (South Mall, Cork), on Monday 8th May, at 8.00 pm


Michael McGrath T.D., who is chair of the Finance Committee (the committee in question), Donnchadh O Laoghaire, T.D.,  Grace O’Sullivan (Green Party) and others will be there, so this is an important opportunity to let your politicians know you care about climate change and its effects.


The push for “divestment” is a world-wide one, and involves calling for the withdrawal of investments from fossil fuel companies. The “reserves” of coal, oil and gas currently known about are around five times more than can be used without producing a level of global warming that may destroy human civilization, along with much of the rest of the web of life. Despite this, fossil fuel companies are busy searching for even more. Divestment would redirect investment funds to more eco-friendly businesses.  The Divestment Bill 2017 would ensure that Irish public money would not be invested in fossil fuel industries.  Although the amount of Irish government investment in fossil fuel industries is probably not large, divestment would have an enormous symbolic significance, and have an important impact on the growing world-wide campaign.


You can read more about divestment on the Trócaire website:


The level of attendance at this Forum is important: a large attendance would show the politicians that we consider climate change a major issue. A small number would encourage them to dismiss the issue as one not likely to get them votes. Please spread the word, on social media or otherwise.


If you can make it we look forward to seeing you there (with family and friends if possible!) 

Best wishes on behalf of SHEP / Páirc a’ Tobair Earth Awareness Initiative and Cork Climate Action

Mary Mangan, Frank Dorr, Sr. Kathy Cunningham, Eileen Lynch



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