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SHEP/UCC Diploma in Social and Psychological Health Studies – commencing September 2017

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: shep-40This UCC Diploma, offered in partnership with SHEP, will commence again in September. We will hold an information session for any SHEP graduates or participants who would like to hear about this two year programme at the SHEP Training Centre in Ballincollig, on Wednesday 24th May, at 7pm.

This course is offered every second year and runs for two academic years, though you can finish after one year with a Level 6 Certificate. It was originally designed specifically for SHEP Graduates. The course has been designed by SHEP and it reflects SHEP’s ethos (see below). The course lecturers are generally SHEP personnel. It provides a very supportive environment for those who have not studied previously in a college setting as well as for those who may have completed other courses at third level. There is usually a very good mix of people on the course.

The course is open to those who have not SHEP Training done. However, applicants who have completed any SHEP Training will be at an advantage.

The course is offered through UCC’s Centre for Continuing Adult Education under the academic leadership of the Department of Applied Social Studies and the Department of Psychology.

The information session will be a good opportunity to hear about the course and what it involves. Come along if you are interested: It would be helpful it you would let us know if you intend to come.

Best wishes,
Jim Sheehan

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Diploma in Social and Psychological Health Studies
(Level 7) 

This two-year programme draws on the ethos and work of The Social and Health Education Project (SHEP).   It is run by UCC’s Adult Continuing Education (ACE), in partnership with SHEP, under the academic leadership of the School of Applied Social Studies and the School of Applied Psychology.  It will be of interest to a wide variety of people including those already working in voluntary or paid capacities in areas such as community development, social care and adult education. It provides an academic orientation to the key concepts and theoretical frameworks relevant to personal, social and health education.  All candidates must have a clear commitment to personal and social change. The course runs in UCC on Wednesday evenings from September to May and includes nine Saturday workshops each year.

For further information contact
Jim Sheehan

Or visit the SHEP website

How to apply:
Year One Modules (30 Credits)
Year Two Modules (30 Credits)
Human Well-being
Human Rights and Social Justice
Introduction to Academic Writing
Adult Education – Theory and Approaches
Lifespan Developmental Psychology
Group Facilitation – Theory and Approaches
Human Relationships, Sexuality and Parenting
The Governance of Human Affairs
Closing Date
The Study of Human Beings
One-to-One Interventions – Theory & Approaches
Probably 13th Sept ‘17
Health-related Social Policy
Theory and Practice

Testimonials 2017

‘This diploma course has deepened my knowledge and understanding of who I am through theory and reflective processes; it's a supportive bridge from SHEP experiential courses to an academic setting.  I couldn't recommend it highly enough.’
Jackie McGann

‘This Diploma Course is not just an academic progression from previous SHEP courses, it continued to challenge my own personal development, while providing an academic framework to explain and enhance my understanding of a variety of social and health related topics. Highly recommend it to anyone; it was a great, enjoyable and enlightening experience.’
 Peter Twomey

‘I never anticipated having embarked on this diploma that it would be the start of something wonderful! I have learned so much about human beings and the world we live in at a pace designed and structured for undergraduates. Highly recommended for all disciplines.’
Geraldine Johnson

‘I'm really delighted that I decided to do this course. I enjoyed it. It was challenging for me, because English is my second language. This course is fantastico. We had amazing lectures, great variety of topics, open discussions. The group was so helpful and supportive. I want to say thank you to everyone. It went so quickly.’
Daska Schelingova

‘As someone who thought they would never get to go to college my journey through SHEP and UCC has shown me anything is possible. Doing this ACE course has opened the door to a host of new opportunities. I would recommend this course to anyone as I believe it can positively change your life.’
Angela Murphy.

Jim Sheehan

The Social and Health Education Project
Village Centre, Station Road, Ballincollig, Co. Cork.
(021) 4666180
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