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Friday, 16 March 2018

‘Historic Map of Kinsale’ latest in Series

Kinsale Historic Map
The ‘Historic Map of Kinsale’ is part of an initiative by Cork County Council to produce a series of maps for the 8 historic towns in the West Cork region.  It is hoped also to encourage appreciation of the Heritage of the Towns in the Region both for locals and visitors and to provide linkages between the existing attractions and the Towns in the region.
The maps are designed to be a self guided tour of the town’s key heritage sites.  Each one contains beautiful illustrations of the key sites and buildings, and a brief history.  They are part of a strategy by Cork County Council to highlight the rich heritage resource to be seen in our towns and villages in West Cork. 
The idea for creating the maps originated from a well known tourism attraction in Clonakilty ie; The Clonakilty Model Railway Village.  Initially the towns on display at the Model Railway Village were selected to encourage people to visit the actual towns themselves and see the wonderful buildings and heritage features in real life.  The production of maps, is taking that idea one step further, and providing visitors and tourists alike, with a brief history of the towns in a compact map format that one can refer to when visiting the towns.
Cork County Council commissioned Ms. Rhoda Cronin-Allanic, Artist to prepare the maps.  Rhoda is a very talented artist in her own right and has a deep understanding of archaeology and history.  The Mayor of the County of Cork praised the project “The uniquely illustrated designs are self evident and are the culmination of many hours spent identifying and researching the wealth of history in our West Cork towns and subsequently portraying this knowledge in a user friendly and interesting fashion.”  Assistance was also provided by the local towns’ History Societies, Heritage Centers/Tourist Offices.
The Kinsale map was launched on Tuesday, 13th March at 11am in Kinsale.  It is intended to launch two further west cork town maps ie; Skibbereen & Bantry.  Work is already underway on the remaining three west cork town maps.  It is envisaged, these maps will be ready by end of 2018. 
The first 5 maps published, are available to view/download online below

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