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Hello from SHEP.
Around St. Patrick’s Day  is a good time to reflect on what and whom we are celebrating.  Our country now is home to people of 200 different nationalities. One in nine of our population was born elsewhere. SHEP is offering an opportunity to develop the kind of intercultural awareness that is necessary if we are to live and work harmoniously together.  Join us on Thursday 12thApril for an interactive workshop with Maureen Sheehy. 

On the following weekend, 14th & 15th April, there’s another chance to participate in the Transformation Game with Noel Bradley. 
Please see the details for both workshops below.  The application form is attached.  Don’t delay if you are interested!

Intercultural Awareness – a day-long workshop with Maureen Sheehy
How ready are you for life in Ireland as it now is?  Do we really know how to relate to each other?  One is nine of us was born elsewhere.  Over half-a-million people representing 200 different nationalities are resident here.  How can we understand each other, communicate with each other, build a new Ireland together?

Last month,  Fintan O’Toole wrote in The Irish Times:  “In May 2008, the then Minister of State for Integration, Conor Lenihan, launched a document with the catchy title Migration Nation. It was, as he claimed, recognition ‘that a key challenge facing government and Irish society is the imperative to integrate people of different cultures, ethnicity, language and religion so that they become the new Irish citizens of the 21st century’.”
Ten years on, the challenge is even more urgent.

This day on Intercultural training will be participative and interactive and will aim to help participants
·        reflect on one’s own cultural identity
·        consider intercultural communication styles and how one’s own style differs from that of others and the implications of this if one is working/training in an intercultural setting
·        explore differences in cultural values and beliefs and how these affect our behaviour, judgements and interaction with others who are different
Intercultural theory will be offered where appropriate.

Maureen Sheehy has worked as a trainer for SHEP for over 20 years. Her background is in education and communications. She worked in Africa for eight years and has worked briefly in several countries.  She is also a trainer with Partners Training for Transformation.  As part of that group, she and others gathered and developed resources and engaged in intercultural work with community groups, organisations and intercultural groups in both Ireland and elsewhere. This eventually led to the publication of an intercultural training manual ‘Partners’ Intercultural Companion to Training for Transformation’. During this intercultural training day she will be drawing from many of these resources.
When: Thursday 12th April 2018 10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.
Where: The Granary, Bessborough
Cost: €25/€5 unwaged
Open to all

The Transformation Game – a weekend workshop with Noel Bradley
Would you like help to explore some issue in depth or effect some transformation in your life? 'The Transformation Game’ offers you the opportunity of doing this. Mirroring the inner journey of life, the process invites people to explore aspects of their lives. It can enable participants to identify their gifts and strengths, to explore their intuitive abilities and to face blocks that hinder their psychological and spiritual development. The process enables you to develop trust in yourself and in others and in the movements and inspirations that you experience.  

Dr. Noel Bradley is an experienced facilitator and counsellor who has been involved in training community leaders and in personal and spiritual growth work for more than thirty years. He has worked as a trainer in SHEP’s Social Awareness & Community Empowerment course for many years. He trained in this 'Transformation Game' process in Findhorn.
When:    Sat. 14th & Sun. 15th April 2018  from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. both days.
Where: SHEP Centre, Ballincollig.
Cost:      €70

Description: shep-40
Mary Mangan
The Social and Health Education Project
Village Centre, Station Road, Ballincollig, Co. Cork.
(021) 4666180

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