Monday, 18 June 2018

" A Morning With Hannie " at Mitchelstown Library

" A Morning With Hannie " at Mitchelstown Library on Friday next the 22nd June @10 30 am in Mitchelstown Library, Co Cork

The Travellers of North Cork (TNC) , on behalf of the Mitchelstown Travellers Women's Group cordially invite you to " A Morning With Hannie" at Mitchelstown Library on Friday next the 22nd June at 10 30 am in Mitchelstown Library, Co Cork as part of their celebration of Traveller Pride.

Traveler woman, Hannie McDonagh, a native of Mitchelstown and who comes from a family of 12 children will talk about her early childhood, her life on the road, rearing her own family and finally getting a house approximately 2 years ago.

Hannie will compare and contrast Travellers lives , focusing on her own time on the road and where Travellers are today.

Please feel free to bring along somebody I haven't mentioned , but you feel would be interested and would enjoy the morning of storytelling.

Looking forward to seeing you there..

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