Friday, 4 March 2016

Public Participation Network PPN for Community Groups EXPLAINED

What is the PPN?

The Cork County Public Participation Network  PPN is the main link through which Community & Voluntary groups, Environment Groups & Social Inclusion groups can interact with Cork County Council and participate in policy-making structures and committees of Council.
It is envisaged that the PPN will help 
  1. Shape policy at a local level , 
  2. Share information & expertise, 
  3. Structure public participation & citizen engagement, 
  4. Strengthen inputs to Plans 

Where did it come from?

It came about as a result of a number of programmes, reports and legislation passed by the last government. these were 
  1. Putting People First – Action Programme for Effective Local Government (2012) 
  2. Report of the Working Group on Citizen Engagement in Local Government (2014) 
  3. Local Government Reform Act 2014

What will it do?

Well it has already began its work. Over 700 organisations registered  with the PPN in 2015
A 22-member SECRETARIAT was elected in 2015 and acts as the administrative & communications mechanism for the County PPN.  The SECRETARIAT held elections whereby PPN representatives were elected to  take up 37 seats and provide a voice for all the PPN membership  to Cork County Council Committees. The SECRETARIAT is currently setting up linkage groups  to support the PPN members elected to the County Council Committees.

What are Linkage Groups?

A linkage group is a collective of organisations within the PPN who all share a common interest. For example; Tourism. The 37 PPN-elected reps that sit on the Council Committees report back to the linkage group on matters discussed at committee.  Linkage groups will then have an opportunity to comment on these matters, through the PPN elected reps and to have a voice in the shaping of Council policy on these issues

Sounds like a lot of work!

It is but a PPN Co-ordinator has been appointed who will act as a resource worker for the secretariat AND as Liaison between the PPN, Cork County Council & other bodies

 How Can voluntary groups get involved?

Registration for Groups will remain open until  March 31st 2016

For information on how to register your group contact:

Noelle Desmond PPN Co-ordinator

021 – 4285340 or log onto:

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