Monday, 29 August 2016

The Older Persons’ Fund

Older Persons’ Fund Round 4
Now open for applications!
THE DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS STRICTLY 4.30 pm on Friday 16th September2016.
The Older Persons’ Fund is a long term philanthropic fund which promotes the civic engagement of older people, as a means of working towards making a difference in their communities.
The Fund builds on our long standing engagement and commitment to supporting older people in their communities. We have invested over €1m in the sector since it was set up in 2000.
Why an Older Persons’ Fund?It is estimated that by 2041, people aged over 65 will account for 22% of the population in Ireland, compared to some 11% today.
The Older Person’s Fund seeks to realise the benefits of this changing demographic by building a long term sustainable fund to support older people’s voices at a local and national level and their capacity to engage fully in all strands of society. In line with this goal, the mission of The Older Persons’ Fund will be to support strategic community based and national activities promoting Older People as Active Citizens and Advocates – including influencing policy, community decision-making processes, leadership, negotiation and other ways to give greater“voice” to Older People. 
The Older Persons’ Fund has been set up with an initial investment of €3m provided by us (€1m) and The Atlantic Philanthropies (€2m). We are targeting an additional €1m to be raised and allocated to the fund between now and 2018, as well as on-going fund development in the longer term.
The Fund will initially support projects in the area of civic engagement which
  • Support older people’s ‘voice’ at a local and national level, and their capacity to engage in all strands of society.
  • Promote older people’s participation as active citizens in their communities and their inclusion in civic life.
In the longer term, the Fund will also support activities that address older people’s social exclusion, for example loneliness and isolation, where increased civic participation is a planned outcome.
Who can applyNot-for-profit organisations based in the Republic of Ireland, who believe they have a project which meets the criteria. As we will not consider applications which do not meet the stated criteria, we strongly recommend that you read the criteria (see below) before deciding to complete the application form.
This year we have the following two categories that you may apply for a grant under:
  1. Inclusion of older people in active citizenship roles – Grants of up to €7,500 will be available to organisations working towards inclusion of older people in active citizenship roles
  2. Supporting older peoples’ voices at local & national level – Grants of up to €7,500 will available to organisations working towards supporting older peoples’ engagement in advocacy.
How to applyDownload the criteria and complete the online application form for your category (see below).
The Foundation has introduced a new online grant application form in 2015. All applications must be submitted using the online application form. We cannot accept any other type of submission.
How to use the on-line application form
A ‘User Guide’ is available to assist you with completing the online form. Click here to view the application form ‘User Guide’.

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