Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Vibrant Colour from Summer Fuchsia Plants

We all love The Fuchsia for strong colour  from now till late autumn 


Fuchsia ……Bells of Colour
We all love the bright colours of the beautiful wild fuchsia on the roadways in West Cork and Kerry. Bells of vibrant colour right through summer and autumn. Gardeners love planting the elegant summer fuchsia plants in their patio pot and hanging basket because of their vibrant long lasting display of colour. Making them one of Ireland favourites plants.

Fuchsia plants are one of the best plants to brighten up that dull corner. They thrive in both full sun and shade. Perfect for our summer this year. A hanging baskets or patio pot of Fuchsia will reward you till first frost (often this could mean flowering till late November).

Here are some of the best Patio Fuchsia plants

Fuchsia Amelie: this a beautiful vibrant proven winner
A frilly, light pink and intense purple double flowering Fuchsia. The foliage creates a neat bushy plant with flowers that appear all over in an explosion of colour.

Fuchsia Anna : A really big double flowering Fuchsia with red sepals and double white corollas.

The summer fuchsia love free draining soil and when we get a spell of dry weather, try not leave them dry out. A lot of these plants will come back if our winters are mild like the last few years, but you need to be patient. They are slow to show growth in the spring. We usually think they have not survived the winter, Leave them be and they can mushroom into the most beautiful healthy plant over a few days and thrive through out the summer again.

How are all your bee?  

Have you been keeping an eye on which plants the bees are attracted to in your school garden this summer?
Which plants do they like the most?
Are they using your bee bath in the warm summer weather we had last week.

Happy Gardening .  

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