Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Confused about what goes into your Recycling bin? Recycling Workshops are here to help

Recycling Workshops aim to help improve Ireland’s recycling rates and reduce levels of contamination in household recycling bins.  Since November 2017 a team of 30 ambassadors have run more than 300 workshops with communities, social groups and businesses across the country. Coming to them to present this free interactive workshop and help to dispel any confusion around recycling in the home. 

The majority of householders in Ireland have persistently shown a willingness to recycle and are extremely environment aware, but many are confused about what is suitable for modern day recycling bins. Currently 28% of all material placed in household Mixed Dry Recyclable (MDR) bins is incorrect for example food, grass, nappies etc, this brings with it the added problem of contaminating the other recyclable material.

“The recycling list gives people one simple and clear message about recycling: ‘keep it clean, empty and loose’” Project manager Suzie Cahn . 

Launched by Minister Denis Nougthon, the VOICE Recycling Ambassador Programme is the first initiative of its kind to bring together representatives from the Government, Industry and environmental community to bring clarity to the Household recycling bin. By engaging with individuals in communities around this issue the programme aims to bring awareness of the new Recycling list and help to improve recycling rates and reduce contamination across the country.

This is a national programme and is available FREE to community groups, businesses and at events.
Ambassadors will bring the workshop to you, helping you to sort your recyclable cans from your recycling can-nots. To book a workshop you can contact us via the website or contact one of the liaisons who coordinate the programme around the country :

Southern Region :       Tad can be reached at
Connaught Ulster:       Aoife can be found at
Eastern Midlands:       Clodagfh can be reached at

 The VOICE initiative has been funded by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment with support from REPAK, project partners are the three regional waste offices (the Southern Region, Connacht Ulster Region and the Eastern Midlands Region).


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