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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

The Ellen Hutchins Exhibition at U.C.C.

Date/Time: Monday 15th October to 21st December 2018
The Ellen Hutchins Exhibition at U.C.C. 
Location: Boole Library, U.C.C., Cork 
Additional Information: A most wonderful exhibition on Ellen Hutchins will be launched on Monday 15th October, U.C.C., running up until Friday 21st December. The exhibition will be opened by Prof. Sarah Culloty, Director of the Environmental Research Institute, University College Cork and Carrie O’Flynn, Historical Re-enactor, will be there in costume at the launch together with many of the Ellen Hutchins Festival Team. Admission is free and all are welcome during the opening hours of the Boole Library (Monday to Sunday, early to very very late, more detail on the website) A programme of activities is running alongside the exhibition including a talk by Madeline Hutchins on Wednesday 7th November (1pm) in the Crawford Art Galley. See for more information. 

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