Sunday, 23 November 2014

Beiing a good Community Group Secretary.


The Secretary

An efficient and dedicated Secretary is an important person in the success of a Community Council or any local organisation. A competent Secretary aids the smooth running of an Organisation.  

What does a Secretary do?

 The secretary is responsible for:
a. Preparing and writing agenda with the Chairperson. 
b. Taking and writing minutes of meetings. 
c. Reading letters at meetings. 
d. Writing letters after meetings. 
e. Dealing with guests at meetings, functions, etc. f. Writing report for Annual General Meeting.  

Qualities of a Good Secretary

 1. Pleasant and friendly manner when dealing with all people. 
2. A friendly disposition and a sense of humour. 
3. Being prepared to work in the interest of the Community Council/Organisation. 
4. Paying attention to detail. 
5. An orderly mind and methodical way of working. 
6. Recognition of the importance of dealing promptly with correspondence. 
7. It is desirable that the person is easily contactable and relatively well known to people in the area. 

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