Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Services and information provided to community groups by Muintir na Tire

The following is a list of some of the services and information provided to community groups by the Muintir na Tire Community Development Section:

1. Community Structures
  • Muintir na Tire Organisational Structure.
  • Election Process and the formation of a democratically elected and socially inclusive Committee.
  • Governance documents i.e Constitutions, Articles of Associations etc.
  • The Role of Officers.
2. Information about the Community and Voluntary Sector
  • The governance environment.
  • Local Government structures and functions.
  • Relationship between local government, statutory agencies and the community.
  • Maximising community participation in local government and engaging with agencies.
3. Finance and Funding Opportunities
  • Basic Management of accounts and audit requirements.
  • Funding available from statutory agencies and other sources such as Social Enterprise Funds such as UCIT and Clann Credo.
  • Preparing grant applications.
4. Community Engagement and Volunteering
  • Organising Meetings and Events.
  • Time Management.
  • Ways to develop positive participation and address barriers to participation.
  • Recruiting, managing, motivating and retaining volunteers.
5. Needs Analysis and Resource Audit
  • Outlining what is meant by ‘Needs Analysis’.
  • Analysing an area’s socio economic profile.
  • How to assess local needs and undertaking community research.
  • Conducting an Audit/SWOT of the resources of a community.
6. Development of Action Plans
  • Setting the context and objectives.
  • Deciding on Project Plans.
  • Setting out the project plan.
7. Communications
  • Developing a critical awareness of the importance of social media.
  • Introduction to PR and promoting success.
  • Written communications.

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