The dates for Heritage Week 2015 have been recently announced (August 22nd to 30th inclusive) and the theme for Heritage Week this year is "Industrial and Design Heritage". According to the Heritage Council, "our shared industrial past is a story of change, development and creativity and of the men and women who were a part of that story whether as mill worker, a dock worker or the proud owner of a motor car. Industrial heritage engages all of us and has left a legacy in the buildings, records and memories of people across Ireland, a legacy that paved the way for how we live today". Industrial heritage is a phenomenal part of Cork's heritage, just take for example the Ballincollig Gunpowder Mills, which at over 130 acres, happens to be the largest industrial heritage site in Ireland.

In terms of organizing heritage week events we are most fortunate that there are dozens of seasoned veterans in the County of Cork - those who without fail, continue to expertly showcase and highlight the rich heritage and history of their local area. However, more and more recently, and most positive to see, is an increasing number of community groups also involved in promoting their locality's heritage. Whether a long established heritage group, or new to the fold, the Heritage Council has proposed a most useful "training day for event organisers" to take place on April 9th in Dublin Castle. This event will provide a great overview and insight into the many considerations of organizing a successful Heritage Week event and more information can be obtained by emailing mail@heritagecouncil.ie.