Wednesday, 11 November 2015

News From Cork County PPN - Registration now reopened.

Cork County PPN

Cork County Council has established a network to enable people in Cork County to have a say on issues that concern them. This is called the Cork County Public Participation Network (PPN).  The PPN was formed in April 2015 and has over 700 registered groups
  Where can I obtain more information?

Click here for full list of PPN registered groups

Click here for PPN Secretariat Members.  The Secretariat is a 22-member co-ordinating group for the PPN. 

Click here for list of PPN-nominated persons recently elected to seats on various County Council Committees.  

The new arrangements will come into effect in quarter one of 2016. 

Next Steps:
The next steps will be to set up a dedicated PPN website, to hold meetings of PPN members in each Municipal District, and to form “linkage groups” which will facilitate two-way communication and sharing of information between committee representatives, other PPN members and the committee themselves.  
We will be in touch with PPN registered groups as these matters progress.   

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