Monday, 26 September 2016

Good news from Muintir na Tire / Community Alert.

As you well know, the growth of text alert networks throughout Ireland has proven to be an outstanding crime prevention initiative, which was originally developed from a Muintir na Tire / Community Alert pilot scheme in Co Kerry eight years ago and then throughout, Co Cork and Limerick.
After serious discussion during the past year the Department of Justice has recognised the effort made by local groups who operate text alert networks.
Local networks allow instant communication to their members from the Gardaí, but at a high cost to their members in voluntary work effort and the money that pays for text messages received.
These text messages update people on potential threats to themselves and their neighbours, and thwart the ability of criminals to criss-cross the countryside unnoticed.
People respond to the Gardai with updates where they have seen sightings of suspects and enable rapid interception.
There has been many discussions at Community Alert meetings, about why the local networks should bear the brunt of these costs, especially when the message is of dubious value to a particular locality.
Consequently, to the questions discussed, the message and the feelings of members has been raised at Community Alert management meeting’s in Dublin.
While we recognise the many shortcomings that still exist, and which we are striving to solve – the financial rebate is a measure of the appreciation that you and your members in your local group, well deserve.
Please go-online if possible and claim your rebate or further details are available here.

We are now launching another game changing initiative, to capitalise on the success of alerts.

It is a long term project to inform people about the importance of methodically noting identification serial numbers of smaller equipment such as lawn mowers, laptops, phones and drills, chainsaws etc. so that they can be reclaimed if recovered by the Gardai. 
The Muintir na Tire / Community Alert, Property Log book, is a property identification recording booklet, and its available in bulk to local Community organisations of any type to promote as a local crime prevention initiative, and to use as a local fundraiser.

The success of local people to deter crime is entirely due to the key factors of making an effort together, encouraging each other, doing the small actions.
Having details of Make – Model, and Serial number is an elementary aspect of home and farm security, elementary but neglected – until now.
These essential details are the steps to recovery, restoration, successful prosecutions, and deterrence.
However the message will have to be frequently asked, “Have YOU filled in your Property Log book?”
People are lackadaisical about such things, “It will never happen to me, sure what have I got to steal”
When a theft occurs it’s a different matter, the anger of the victim, the anger at being unprepared - caught so to speak with ones pants down,  the painful financial cost to replace, some sentimental things cannot be replaced.
That’s why Community Alert have published 10,000 copies of this booklet, and it has been reprinted already due to uptake.
Its available in bulk to any community group who need a fundraiser or who wish to promote the crime prevention initiative.
Criminals will soon become wary of the danger of handling identifiable stolen property.
So side by side with this we are promoting the truth “An item with its serial number removed has been stolen from someone” “It’s TOO HOT to HANDLE”.
I hope that you will join us in helping to promote the use of the Property Log Book.
I have attached an order form, and I will have bundles of the book at our CA District meetings.
For More details Contact Diarmuid Cronin

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