Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Muintir na Tire - Community Alert - Property Log-Book

Launched formally at the Cork County Joint Policing Committee which took place on Monday, 24th October at 2.30p.m.  in Vertigo Suite, Floor 17, County Hall, Cork.

Ms. Josephine Feehily, Chair of the Policing Authority was the invited Key-note speaker,

The meeting was followed by a Press launch of the Cork County JPC Strategic Plan 2016 – 2021 and of the Joint Policing Committee supported Muintir na Tire / Community Alert Property Log-Book.

The Property Log Book, provides local community groups of which almost 1000 have already registered with the Cork Co Council Public Participation Network.

The possibility of combining;
1.            Involving Members.
2.            Crime Prevention and 
3.            Fund Raising

Achieving as a consequence;
1.            Restoration of stolen property.
2.            Convictions.
3.            Decrease in thefts and burglary.

By providing the benefit of;
  1. Having all details of property stolen to hand for a crime report.
  2. Enabling Gardaí to restore recovered property to the rightful owner.
  3. Enabling Gardaí to link the criminal in whose possession a stolen item is found, to the crime.
  4. Deterrence factor of widespread publicity about the logging of items, to criminals considering a theft.
  5. A measurable decrease in thefts – eventually.
  6. A valuable fund raising initiative, for local groups who get behind the project.
  7. A valuable Crime Prevention and profile raising exercise by local groups.

This project is not, and should not be confused with property marking which is a valuable additional deterrent.

Gardaí frequently recover stolen property, but then the problem arises as to whom, a particular item belongs to.
Indeed, frequently linking a criminal to a robbery, depends on a victim proving that an item belongs to him.

The Property Log Book is a long term project – because there is a mind-set change / paradigm shift required, which will only come about as a result of members of local community groups promoting the use of the log book and getting the message across that it’s a “no-brainer” not to have the details completed should an item of property happen to be stolen.

This project is simple basic common sense, a focus on being prepared for the worst rather than hoping for the best.

Recognising that all community organisations face a dual challenge of how to increase the involvement of their membership, and the invariable struggle to raise funds.
Cork Co Council in association with Muintir na Tire - Community Alert will be distributing the Property Log Book, in bulk at a nominal cost to community groups registered with the Cork Co PPN and Muintir na Tire - Community Alert.

They hope it will quickly find a place in every home.

The Joint Policing Committee Strategic Plan 2016-2021 which was launched at the meeting describes as being among its functions the need;
To identify and promote actions that will enhance security – personal and property related – within the Cork region.

The Joint Policing Committee Strategic Plan 2016-2021 also describes as being among its functions the need;
Develop a programme of actions that will reduce the incentive for acts of crime to occur within the Cork region. 
Develop a programme of actions that will increase the detection and prosecution rates relating to acts of crime occurring within the Cork region. The Property Log Book fulfils that function.

Diarmuid Cronin.
Community Alert Officer, Southern Region.

021 - 7339011
086 – 8567770
086 – 6000752 

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