Friday, 24 April 2015

Equipping Frontline Workers to Engage & Empower Clients

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Ag Éisteacht's next courses for professionals in Cork will take place in May

Frontline workers can interact with people at different stages of their lives on a daily basis, many of whom may be struggling. Effectively engaging appropriately and sensitively with the client during these times is key to their well-being. However, frontline workers don't have sufficient training to deal with such encounters.

Brief Encounters® enables workers to recognise the signs of distress, equips them with the ability to engage with clients effectively and provides them with a model to empower clients to find their own solutions. Certificate of Completion provided for CPD evidence.                            
Our How to Argue Better blended learning course provides Frontline workers with the skills and resources to understand conflict and to help parents develop a supportive home environment. Certificate of Completion provided for CPD evidence.
Upcoming Courses in Cork

Brief Encounters:

Three Day Course: €200
 September 14th, 28th & 29th, Maryborough Hotel, Cork
   Blended Learning:
Sat June 13th, Maryborough   Hotel, Cork

How to Argue Better:€125

May 12th, Maryborough Hotel, Cork
September 15th, Maryborough Hotel, Cork

Places are limited so early booking is advised. To book a place or for more information,
please visit:

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