Monday, 24 August 2015

More on the Invitation to PPN Member Groups to nominate to Council Committees For members registered to the Community & Voluntary Electoral College

The PPN Secretariat (i.e. the coordinating group comprised of 22 no. members elected by the PPN member groups in April/May) has met on two occasions to date. The Secretariat is now arranging for the filling of PPN seats on various Cork County Council policy committees. The membership structure of these various committees provides for representatives from the three electoral colleges of the PPN i.e. Community & Voluntary, Social Inclusion and Environment (as applicable). 

Accordingly, every member of the PPN is now invited to make nominations to the various committees (there is no obligation to put forward nominees, but it is an opportunity for your group to participate in the policy-making structures of the Council). Nominees will go forward to contest elections for the various seats; it is anticipated that the elections will be held in mid-October.  In making a nomination(s), it is important for the nominee to realise that the role of a Committee Representative is a challenging and demanding one, involving significant time commitment. The Secretariat strongly recommends that every group – and nominee - would read and carefully consider the role and responsibilities attaching to being a Committee Representative prior to deciding whether or not to make a nomination. 

For the role and requirements of a Committee Representative click here

The Council is seeking to fill seats on 9 different Committees each of which have a countywide remit. 

·        For a list of Committees, their role and remit and the frequency and location of meetings click here

·        To make a nomination(s):
Again it is strongly recommend that you would first read carefully the role and requirements of a Committee Representative, as set out in the above link.  
SPC = Strategic Policy Committee             JPC = Joint Policing Committee

·        To make a nomination to the Planning & Strategic Development SPC click here
·        To make a nomination to the Environment SPC click here
·        To make a nomination to the Economic Development & Enterprise SPC click here
·        To make a nomination to the Tourism SPC click here
·        To make a nomination to the Housing SPC click here
·        To make a nomination to the Roads and Transport Policy SPC click here
·        To make a nomination to the Social Inclusion & Community SPC click here
·        To make a nomination to the Arts, Culture & Languages SPC click here
·        To make a nomination to the JPC click here

***Closing date for receipt of nominations is 4pm on Friday 11th September 2015***

Once all nominations are received and validated, the next step will be to hold elections.  We expect elections to take place in each Division in mid October and a further email and information will follow once dates have been decided. 


PPN Admin Team

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