Friday, 1 December 2017

Sample Sub-Committees Terms of Reference

The template below is for guidance only and may be amended to suit a group's needs and should comply with your group's constitution.


The XXXXXX Sub-Committee is a sub-committee of XXXXXX Community Council
Functions of the Sub-Committee
To support the implementation of the work programmes of XXXXXX Community Council in the XXXXXX area.
To organise specific events such as xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The Sub-Committee shall consist of a minimum of x members of the Community Council and others as appointed by the Community Council.
Appointment of Sub-Committee
The Community Council shall at their first meeting following the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in each year, determine the members of the Sub-Committee until the next following AGM.
The sub committee shall elect a Chairperson, and minute secretary (who both must be members of the Community Council ). The chairperson shall be responsible for directing a work-plan approved by the Community Council and for reporting to the Executive Committee.
Co- options
The Sub –Committee shall have the power to co-opt extra members with the approval of the Community Council , provided always that the numbers of those co-opted under this rule shall not equal or exceed those appointed by the executive committee.
Frequency of Meetings
The Sub-Committee shall meet not less than x times in each year. A quorum at each meeting shall be one third plus one of the members.
Record of Meetings
The Sub-Committee shall ensure that an agreed written record of each of their meetings is forwarded to the Community Council within one month of the meeting.
Staff Attendance
Community Council staff may sometimes be required to attend meetings of the Sub-Committee, as directed by the Community Council.

All money and funds shall be held in a Bank Account which shall be known as eg. XXXXXX Community Council Number 2 account.
All money and funds held  shall be used as directed by the sub-committee.
All cheques and other withdrawal of funds money or cash on behalf of the sub Committee shall be signed by the Chairperson or Treasurer of the Community Council and a person nominated by the sub committee.

The accounts shall be audited annually as part of the XXXXXX Community Council  accounts.

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