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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Community Councils must be supported

Community Councils all over Cork County provide a myriad of services and facilities all over the county. They have in many cases been the sole developer of the community infrastructure in their areas.  Government both local and National must continue to recognise this and support them.


Provides a permanent structure for co-ordinating developments within a community

Provides leadership to a community

Community Representation and Local Accountability.

Increases a community’s capacity to take control of its own development

Totally inclusive and involves all members of the community

Completely responsive to local needs

Increases the community’s potential to access funding for development projects

Provides greater legitimacy and credibility to a community when dealing with government

departments and funding agencies

Muintir Community Councils in County Cork have access to:

The national organisation’s charity exemption number

Membership Of The National Organisation.

Links to other Community Councils

Membership of regional Forums

Access to and support of Development Worker.

Information and advice on a range of issues facing Community Groups.

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