Monday, 15 January 2018

Kilcrohane to Host Second Stone Symposium

Kilcrohane is the venue for West Cork's second Stone Symposium

The event is moving down the Sheep's Head peninsula from Ahakista where it enjoyed its first successful run last March.
The event is run by the peninsula's Sheep's Head & Bantry Tourism Cooperative, and by moving the festival around the peninsula, the coop aims to bring its benefits to all of the area's communities.
This time, wall builders and sculptors will be leaving their trace on Kilcrohane's landscape, enhancing it for visitors and future generations!

The West Cork Stone Symposium celebrates stone as part of our environment and as a source of inspiration throughout the ages

Come to the symposium to be inspired by a rugged coastline that’s home to Ireland’s most creative communities. Discover how stone has shaped our lives and imaginations, and unleash your own creativity as you learn from stone masons, carvers, and sculptors whose work carries ancient traditions into the future.

Learn Traditional Skills From the Experts

Our intriguing programme is packed with opportunities for you to work alongside amazing craftspeople, acquiring skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. Talks, tours, and tastings are on offer all weekend too.
At each day’s workshop, you’ll get the chance to learn how to carve or build stone walls for yourself. These are practical workshops where you learn by doing, with helpful advice from our experienced tutors who’ve worked across the world on heritage restoration projects as well as contemporary designs.
Our first West Cork Stone Symposium in 2017 saw artists working alongside building contractors, and trained stone wallers striving alongside people wanting to pick up tips for their garden project. The atmosphere was fantastic as everyone shared ideas and insights throughout a creative and friendly weekend.
Beginners are welcome. When you’re booking your ticket, choose the level that sounds right for you, and we’ll use that information as a general guide, sorting everyone into the best work group each day on the basis of the work they do within the workshop. If you have questions, please do get in touch. We’ll be delighted to help.

Inspired by Stone

For generations, artists, makers, producers, and dreamers have been inspired by the stone that forms our peninsulas, islands, rolling hills, and valleys. Stone tells a story that unlocks the flavours, textures, landscapes, and creativity of our Wild Atlantic shoreline.
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