Muintir Na Tire – Community Alert Introduce an Offer of I years free affiliation.

It is not pleasant to think about accidents, and liability so perhaps that is why so many Community Alert groups have no insurance.

We find excuses to avoid facing the fact that an annual premium should be paid to manage risk, because most risks can be passed on to an insurance company.

History is recorded in order to avoid repeating errors, and the question right now is whether,  officers and members of Community Alert groups across the length and breadth of Ireland have forgotten the tragedies that struck Muintir na Tire groups over the years.

I recollect the Dec 1967, Ballyboy, Co Offaly fire.
During a fundraiser in the Muintir Na Tire hall, an explosion and fire occurred.
About 60 people were injured, some badly burned, several were in hospital for long periods.
 Legal proceedings began almost immediately.
The defendants deemed by the court were the local Muintir na Tire committee, who had organized the fund raiser.
In February 1972, because there was no insurance cover, when judgment was given in the High Court it was registered as a mortgage against the farms of two of the committee.
That sparked off a nationwide campaign of church gate collections and it brought home to people the value of having insurance.

Insurance is normally required for less spectacular reasons.
Muintir na Tire as a national organization is very aware and concerned, and recommends all Community Alert groups and Community Council arrange adequate insurance cover.

So in an effort to encourage uptake of group insurance, any new policy placed during the month of February will qualify for a draw for a year’s free affiliation to Muintir.

Likewise, any policy placed during the month of March, will also qualify for a draw for a year’s free affiliation to Muintir.
Contact Muintir na Tire, Canon Hayes House, Tipperary, with your policy details for entry.

Diarmuid Cronin
Community Alert Development Officer Southern Region
086 - 6000752