Carriganima unites to save their village

Carrigganima National School
Carriganima is a little village in north-west Muskerry on the main Macroom to Millstreet road. The recently formed Community Association will deliver traditional Rural Transport with its own mini bus plus a wide range of community/social transport services. This will include the provision of accessible transport and out of hours transport also.
The Social Impact of such a local Community Transport is quite considerable and will make a significant difference to many people in the Carriganima area. For instance it will give people who traditionally had a bus pass but could never use it the opportunity to do so and travel to the local towns and villages to access health and social services. This is because the mini bus will deviate off the main roads and collect people at or near their homes where possible. Also when they get into town the mini bus will facilitate them to do shopping, visit the doctor, collect a prescription or call to the hospital. This in vital for older people where traditionally they were dropped off in the town centre and had no way of getting to the said hospital or clinic.
There is also tremendous Social Interaction on the mini bus and people look forward to the weekly trip out. They also help local families by providing a school run easing the burden on working parents or those without transport. Muintir na Tire wishes Carriganima all the best with this great initiative. This is an example of just one more initiative which helps villages in rural Ireland survive. Congratulations to the newly formed Community Association and we look forward to working with you.