HANGING BASKETS by Margaret Griffin

summer breez basket
The Summer Breeze

Heavenly hanging baskets are a lot easier to create than many people think. Margaret Griffins top tips will ensure that Cork will heave the best hanging baskets this summer.

Firstly you need to decide where you are hanging this basket? Full sun or shade

Then what size basket? Smaller than a 14” basket can be very hard to keep watered during the summer.

What style basket would you like? One block colour can be very striking and visual from a distance. While a basket with a mixture of colours and plants will reward you with personality and colour

Here are a few of my favourite Hanging basket recipes

The Summer Breeze. (Pictured above)
Vibrant Colours of the Coast has inspired this recipe. Sky blue and Lime surfinias, yellow biden and blue bacopa. Plant the Biden in the middle and feed it through the other plants.

White Icing.
The elegance of a white hanging basket is second to none. Create this look with a mixture of plants that are pure white, White ivy leaf geraniums, bacopa , Verbena, lobulaira princess and White surfinias. If possible during hanging this where a light reflect on it and it will shine bright through the night.

County Pride.
Support your county with a basket overflowing with a mixture of reds and whites. The rich velvet verbena, red Surfinia mixed with a white verbena, bacopa and the fragrant Lobulaira princess will create a proud basket

Mediterranean Dreams
Ideal for a windy position as geraniums do not need much watering.
The ivy leaf pink geranium is vibrant yet elegant. It will flower all sumer long and ideal for a hard to reach baskets. ( tip a geranium basket require less feed and water than most other summer plants).
 mediterranean basket

Shade loving blooms .
The proven winner for shade loving baskets are begonias. They will keep on flowering till late autumn. Have you tried a million kisses begonias? The name says it all
Top tips for all baskets

  1. The larger your basket the easier it is to maintain and keep watered.
  2. Always tilt trailing plants when planting. They will perform much better and create a basket that is overflowing with colour
  3. Never leave your basket dry out. Always Increase the watering as the baskets get bigger
  4. Use a good quality compost. I always use Grosure container and hanging basket compost.
  5. Add extra feed with a Slow release tablet. Grosure tablets will ensure that you basket gets a constant feed all season long
  6. Regularly remove spent flowers and your basket will continuously produce new blooms.
  7. Plant the right plants to suit the environment. Certain plants are shade lovers while other prefer to get the midday sun.
  8. I often drop my baskets down to see if they need extra compost, to remove all dead heads and to water the basket well. It is so worth doing this every few weeks. Add some tomato feed to the water can when you are doing this

Shade loving plants:
Begonia's, Fuchsia, Diascias

Sunny Position:
Geraniums, Surfinia, Verbena, Nemesia, Bacopa Million bells, Lobularia,