Friday, 29 June 2018

Is your charity missing out? Millions in savings for Irish Charities go untapped

4 out of 5 Irish charities not yet availing of donated technology which can save them over €20,000 per year on average

Many of the big global players in IT, such as Microsoft, Google and Adobe, make millions worth of software available to Irish charities each year, but many are not taking it up, simply because they are not aware of it.
Enclude are the sole Irish partner in Techsoup Global – a network which makes donated software available to eligible charities across the world. In ten years since 2006, Enclude have made over €40million in donated technology available to Irish charities.
Over 1600 Irish charities, including Special Olympics Ireland, Pieta House and Macra na Feirme, as well as many smaller local charities have already registered with Enclude’s Technology Donation Programme via their website But 4 out of 5 charities are not yet signed up, which means they are missing out on these savings.

Savings available

A lot of the software available on the Enclude Tech Donations Programme is completely donated, which means charities only have to pay an admin fee of 10-20% So, for example, MS Office Professional 2013, which would cost a business over €500, is available to charities for less than €40
Best-sellers include:
MS Office Professional 2016 – admin fee €38 (RRP €500+)
MS Office Standard 2016 – admin fee €28
Norton Security (Deluxe)- admin fee €10 (RRP €59)
Google for nonprofits
The average saving on software by Irish charities participating in the programme was €6000 last year. However, there have been significant extra benefits to signing up to the Enclude Tech Donations programme since the launch of Google for Nonprofits in 2015. The bundle, which is free to all eligible non-profits and sports groups includes Google Apps, Google Maps, and adgrants of €10,000 per month to spend on adword campaigns on Google. Charities who get a lot of their clients from web searches, such as counselling or support services, are particularly well-placed to benefit from the adgrant offering.
We often have difficulty convincing people this is not a scam because it seems too good to be true!’
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